A Feast for Crows-Chapter 6

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Arya I
A Feast for Crows chapter
POV Arya Stark
Place Braavos
Page 87 UK HC (Other versions)
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A Storm of Swords
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Arya II


Nearing Braavos, Arya recalls how she originally wanted Captain Ternesio Terys to sail for the Wall. She had no such luck, but concluded that the Free Cities would be a good place to land, considering that Syrio Forel came from Braavos and possibly Jaqen H'ghar as well.

During the voyage, many of the sailors and even the captain have tried to get her to learn and remember their names, and many seem afraid of her. The captain's younger son Denyo is telling Arya some of the history of Braavos and the Titan that guards its port. The free city honors all gods and even has temples devoted to them, and was founded by the Moonsingers when they brought the people to Braavos to escape the dragons of Valyria. The Titan of Braavos is a massive statue, and has arrow slits and murder holes strategically placed to attack any boat that tries to pass beneath without leave. Furthermore, the Free City of Braavos is protected by the Arsenal, a massive fleet of ships and their fortified port.

The captain has his older son Yorko row Arya to shore, so as to get her off prior to customs coming aboard. As Yorko navigates the hundred isles of Braavos, he points out many of the sites, before dropping her off at the quay in front of the House of Black and White. Arya disembarks, assuring Yorko that she will remember his name, and enters the temple of the Many-Faced God. Within, the temple is quite dark with dozens of odd statues, and Arya notices several people in alcoves who are either dead or dying. Soon, a robed man with a kind voice tells her that the House of Black and White is a place of peace. He asks her name, but despite Arya's use of nicknames, the man keeps asking until she admits that she is Arya Stark. When the man asks if she fears death, Arya answers no. The man removes his cowl to reveal a decaying, horrible visage, but she sees through the illusion. Impressed, the kindly man asks if she is hungry, to which Arya thinks: Yes, but not for food.

The kindly man's initial face, by Wibben © Fantasy Flight Games

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