Titan of Braavos

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The Titan of Braavos, as depicted by Paulo Puggioni in The World of Ice & Fire
A ship sails under the Titan of Braavos.
Art by zippo514

The Titan of Braavos is a massive stone and bronze fortress in the shape of a giant man, which guards the entrance into the lagoon where the Free City of Braavos is located. It is the primary line of defense for Braavos.[1][2]

The Titan is one of the nine Wonders Made by Man in the book written by Lomas Longstrider. When seen from the sea for the first time, the Titan is a terrifying sight.[2]


The feet of the statue lie on two separate islands, including Sellagoro's Shield,[3] and each foot is set upon a mountain. The islands are covered in soldier pines and black spruce. The legs and lower torso are made of the same black granite that form the islands upon which it stands; they were originally a natural stone archway, which was carved and shaped by three generations of sculptors and stonemasons. Above the waist, the colossus is bronze, its body filled with halls and chambers, its bronze breastplate punctured with arrow slits. One hand rests on the top of a ridge, its bronze fingers wrapped around the stone. The other hand is thrust into the air, holding the hilt of a broken sword. The Titan's head, rising four hundred feet above sea level, is crested with a bronze halfhelm, and has green-dyed hempen rope for hair. In its eyes burn large beacon fires, lighting the way back inside the lagoon for returning ships. The Titan's hips are encased in an armored skirt of a green bronze hue, the bottom covered in murder holes.[1][2]

Enemy ships can be steered onto the rocks by the watchmen inside the Titan, and stones and pots of burning pitch can be dropped onto the decks of any that attempt to pass between the Titan's legs without leave. However, this has seldom been necessary; not since the Century of Blood has any enemy been so rash as to attempt to provoke the Titan's wrath.[2]

The Titan's Roar

The Titan lets out a loud roar whenever a ship approaches its entrance, to warn the Arsenal of Braavos.[1] The roar is huge, a terrible groaning and grinding blast so loud it drowns out most sounds nearby,[1] and can be heard across the lagoon in the city.[4] The Titan also roars to herald sunrise[4] and sunset,[5] and the hours of the day are counted by its roar.[6] During the anniversary of the Uncloaking, at midnight on the tenth day, the Titan roars to signify that the celebrants should all remove their masks.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Arya Stark sails underneath the Titan when arriving in Braavos.[1]