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House Mooton.svg Lord
Manfryd Mooton
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Culture Rivermen
Died 134 AC
King's Landing

Manfryd Mooton was the Lord of Maidenpool and the head of House Mooton during the Dance of the Dragons and the regency of King Aegon III Targaryen.


Dance of the Dragons

Manfryd supported the blacks and Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen during the Dance of the Dragons. He became Lord of Maidenpool when his brother, Lord Walys Mooton, was charred while trying to slay the injured dragon Sunfyre after the retaking of Rook's Rest.[1] After hearing that Prince Aemond Targaryen was laying waste to the riverlands atop the dragon Vhagar, Lord Manfryd sent urgent messages to Rhaenyra. Prince Daemon Targaryen and his alleged paramour, Nettles, then used Maidenpool as their base. Manfryd suggested the two dragonriders split up in their search for Aemond, but Daemon refused.[2]

Queen Rhaenyra was betrayed by the baseborn dragonriders Ulf White and Hugh Hammer and was convinced by the black council to condemn the also baseborn Ser Addam Velaryon and Nettles. Jealous of Nettles's relationship with Daemon, the queen sent a letter to Maester Norren commanding Lord Manfryd to kill Nettles, but to do no harm to Daemon. The disturbed Manfryd did not want to break guest right, however, since Nettles and Daemon were guests under his roof. After discussing the letter in secret with his maester, his captain of the guard, a remaining brother, and his champion, Ser Florian Greysteel, Manfryd decided to ignore Rhaenyra's instructions.[2]

Norren informed Daemon and Nettles of the letter, claiming he had not shown it to anyone else inside the castle, and the two dragonriders departed the following morning. Daemon thanked Manfyrd for his hospitality and told him to pass on the message to Aemond if he arrived that Daemon would be waiting for Aemond at Harrenhal. Manfryd refused Norren's offer to resign. The night after Daemon and Nettles departed, Manfryd had Queen Rhaenyra's quartered standard taken down from the gates of Maidenpool and replaced them with the golden dragons of King Aegon II Targaryen. Rhaenyra ordered that a decree of attainder be drawn up against the Mootons, but she soon lost power after the Storming of the Dragonpit.[3]


After the end of the war and the coronation of Aegon III Targaryen, Lord Manfryd became a member of the council of seven regents that would rule until the child king came of age.[4] Manfryd became bedridden from Winter Fever in 133 AC. After the death of Ser Tyland Lannister, Manfryd wanted the regents to convene and deliberate. Rather than wait, however, Lord Unwin Peake set aside Aegon's appointments and named himself Hand of the King.[5]

After Lord Alyn Velaryon's attack on the Braavosi at the Stepstones in 133 AC, Manfryd was sent on a diplomatic mission to the Free City to treat with the Sealord of Braavos and return a captured elephant. Lord Mooton's retinue included six lords, six singers, and threescore knights, guards, servants, scribes, and septons. Notables included Lord Follard, Lord Cressey, Ser Herman Rollingford, and Ser Denys Harte. Manfryd was impressed with the Titan of Braavos and the Arsenal. While Lords Cressey and Follard gave bribes to notables like keyholders and magisters, Manfyrd negotiated with the Sealord. In return for a large indemnity, the Sealord agreed to forgive Alyn Oakenfist's attack on the Braavosi fleet. Braavos broke its alliance with Tyrosh and Racallio Ryndoon and ceded the Stepstones to the Iron Throne, although Braavos did not control the archipelago at the time.[5]

Lord Peake outraged Manfryd and Lord Thaddeus Rowan by attempting to wed his daughter, Myrielle Peake, to Aegon III after the death of Queen Jaehaera Targaryen.[5] Manfryd was with Aegon at the docks of King's Landing when Alyn Oakenfist returned to the city with the king's missing brother, Prince Viserys Targaryen.[6]

Manfryd died of age and illness in 134 AC.[7]


Manfryd: These are foul times and it is a foul choice this queen has given me. The girl is a guest beneath my roof. If I obey, Maidenpool shall be forever cursed. If I refuse, we shall be attainted and destroyed
Brother: It may be we shall be destroyed whatever choice we make. The prince is more than fond of this brown child, and his dragon is close at hand. A wise lord would kill them both, lest the prince burn Maidenpool in his wroth.
Manfryd: The queen has forbidden any harm to come to him, and murdering two guests in their beds is twice as foul as murdering one. I should be doubly cursed. Would that I had never read this letter.
Norren: Mayhaps you never did.[2]

—Manfryd, his brother, and Norren

If he dies without an heir, we shall dance again, however much we may dislike the music.[8]

—Manfryd to the regents


Manfryd and his brothers could be the children of Lord Jonah Mooton and his lady wife, Perianne Moore, who are known to have had a successful marriage.[9]



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Preceded by Lord of Maidenpool
130134 AC
Next known title holder:
William Mooton