Roland Westerling

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Roland Westerling
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Title(s) Lord of the Crag[1]
Lord Regent[1]
Allegiance House Westerling[1]
Culture(s) Westermen[1]
Died In 133 AC[2], at King's Landing[2]
Issue Johanna Westerling[3]
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Roland Westerling was the Lord of the Crag and the head of House Westerling during the Dance of the Dragons. With the coronation of the young Aegon III Targaryen, Lord Roland was one of the seven regents that would rule until Aegon came of age.[1]


Roland's daughter Johanna was married to Jason Lannister, the Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West. After the death of Lord Jason during the Dance of the Dragons, rule of the westerlands passed to Lady Johanna and Lord Roland, for Jason's son and heir Loreon was a boy of four.[3]

Roland and Johanna later attended the coronation of the young Aegon III Targaryen at King's Landing in 131 AC. A council of regents was selected to rule the realm during Aegon's minority, with Roland selected as one of the seven regents. Lord Westerling's daughter Johanna was also a consideration for the regency. When the council discussed Aegon III's heir, Roland was against naming Princess Baela, for her dragon had brought down the late Aegon II Targaryen. He feared that crowning Baela would open old wounds among the greens.[2]

When the Winter Fever struck the capital in 133 AC, Roland grew ill and later succumbed to the disease, partly due to his age.[2]


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