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Munkun was a Grand Maester of the Seven Kingdoms. He wrote the book The Dance of the Dragons, A True Telling about the civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons. The book contains some inaccuracies.[1][2]


Regency of Aegon III

After Lord Cregan Stark had Grand Maester Orwyle sentenced to join the Night's Watch, the Citadel chose Munkun as his replacement. He then became a member of the council of seven regents that would rule in the name of the newly crowned child king Aegon III Targaryen.[3]

Munkun laced Princess Jaehaera Targaryen's milk with sweetsleep before her wedding, believing she would have collapsed during the ceremony if he had not done so.[4]

On the sixth day of the third moon of 132 AC, Munkun came rushing to Lord Corlys Velaryon's aid when he collapsed ascending the serpentine steps of the Red Keep. However, Munkun arrived too late, and the Sea Snake was already dead.[4]

When the council of regents discussed the matter of royal succession, Munkun raised that neither Baela nor Rhaena Targaryen could be the king's heir as both were female, stating that a male claim must be considered, as the Great Council of 101 AC determined. When Ser Tyland Lannister countered there were no living Targaryen men, Munkun said he would research the issue, but could offer no potential heir until the return of Prince Viserys in 134 AC.[4]

In 133 AC, Munkun went to examine the sick in King's Landing, ascertaining that the contagion was indeed the Winter Fever. He sent an acolyte to give news to Tyland Lannister in his stead, fearing that he may have become afflicted himself. Munkun did indeed catch the Winter Fever, but was one of the lucky one in four who recovered from the disease. As soon as Ser Robert Darklyn commanded the Red Keep's gates open again, Munkun rushed back to the castle.[4]

Munkun supported Lord Unwin Peake's decision to reverse all the decisions the king had made alone after the death of the Hand, on the grounds that the twelve-year-old had acted without consulting his regents.[4] Despite supporting many of Peake's appointments, he advised him against the betrothal of the king to Myrielle Peake, protesting that the arrangement may be seen as overly ambitious by the lords of the realm.[5]

Before the Maiden's Day Cattle Show, Munkun examined Tyshara Lannister after she was found abed with a groom, finding that her maidenhead was broken.[5]

Munkun welcomed the return of Prince Viserys at the docks in 134 AC. During the feast for the prince's return, Viserys proudly confided to Munkun that his marriage had already been consummated.[6]

Munkun was able to determine that Gaemon Palehair and Queen Daenaera had been poisoned. He gave the queen a powerful purgative, but was unable to save the king's food taster.[7]

In 135 AC, the Rogare family fell into disgrace. Lord Rowan was removed as Hand, being replaced by Lord Commander of the Kingsguard Ser Marston Waters, who ordered the arrest of Larra Rogare. In response, the king shut his family in Maegor's Holdfast. On the fourth day of the secret siege, Munkun asked the king to come out of his seclusion. The king refused, and commanded Munkun to send ravens across the realm to let them know of the situation, though Munkun did not do so. He continued to make further appeals, assuring the king and Prince Viserys that all that had been done was lawful. At the end of the siege, Munkun treated Marston Waters after he had been stabbed by Ser Mervyn Flowers, but the knight died that night. The king still refused to leave the keep, until Munkun sent forth a murder of ravens to summon twoscore leal lords to King's Landing.[7]

Lord Thaddeus Rowan was reinstated as Hand at the end of the secret siege, yet it was clear that the man was not himself after his torture. Munkun convinced the king to relinquish Lord Rowan of his position, and Munkun was thus elevated as Hand himself. However, Munkun was mindful of his duties as a maester. Believing it was not his place to pass judgement on knights and lords, he neglected his new office and planned to resign when it was possible. At the so-called Great Council of 136 AC, Munkun stepped down and Lord Torrhen Manderly was chosen as Hand by the lords of the realm. He also made the suggestion that the three new regents should be chosen by lot, which was done when Prince Viserys agreed with the Grand Maester's suggestion. For the office of Lord Confessor, Munkun suggested Maester Rowley, as a maester would know how to inflict pain, but see it as a duty rather than seek pleasure in it.[7]

Munkun was the only member of the council that held office from 131 AC to 136 AC, when the council was dissolved after the king came of age.[8]

Later life

Grand Maester Alford was Grand Maester in 153 AC,[9] but by 171 AC Munkun was Grand Maester again. When King Baelor I Targaryen collapsed fasting after the birth of Daemon Waters, Munkun tried to heal the king, but Baelor died.[10]


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