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Baelor Targaryen
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Baelor Targaryen by Amok. ©Roaring Studios©

Alias Baelor Breakspear
The Hammer
Title Prince of Dragonstone
Protector of the Realm
Hand of the King
Allegiance House Targaryen
Born In 170 AC[1]
Died In 209 AC, at Ashford
Spouse Jena Dondarrion
Issue Valarr Targaryen
Matarys Targaryen
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
The Hedge Knight (appears)
The Sworn Sword (mentioned)
The Mystery Knight (mentioned)
A Storm of Swords (mentioned)
The Winds of Winter (mentioned)
Baelor Targaryen by Oznerol-1516©

Prince Baelor Targaryen, known as Baelor Breakspear, was a member of House Targaryen and a Prince of Dragonstone. He was the eldest son and heir of King Daeron II Targaryen and Mariah Martell. Named after King Baelor I,[2] Prince Baelor served as his father's Hand of the King from 196 AC until his death in 209 AC.

Character and Appearance

Prince Baelor had the dark hair of his mother, Mariah Martell, a Dornish princess. He kept it cut short and kept his jaw clean-shaven.[3] His nose had been broken twice.[3]

A warrior, Baelor seemed to be all that could be wished in a knight, lord, or heir. He was a man who could win respect with ease, and he was as open-handed and just as his father, King Daeron II Targaryen.[4] Baelor treated honorable foes with clemency.[2]

However, many men looked upon Baelor's dark hair and eyes and muttered that he was more Martell than Targaryen.[4] Some Blackfyre sympathizers also were bothered by his namesake, Baelor the Blessed, "the feeblest king who ever sat the Iron Throne".[2]


Early life

Prince Baelor was born in 170 AC, the first child of King Daeron II Targaryen and Mariah Martell. He won the name "Breakspear" in 187 AC at the age of seventeen, following his famous victory at Princess Daenerys's wedding tourney, where he defeated Daemon Blackfyre in the final tilt.[4]

First Blackfyre Rebellion

When the First Blackfyre Rebellion was in its early stages, Prince Baelor advocated leniency toward Daemon Blackfyre, a position that was not favored over the hard line of his uncle, Brynden Rivers, who was called Bloodraven. Nonetheless, Baelor accepted the path towards war. He distinguished himself by leading the Dornish and stormlands force which attacked the rearguard of the rebel army during the Battle of the Redgrass Field in 196 AC. Baelor's forces smashed the rebels against the shield-wall of his brother, Prince Maekar, inspiring a song about the hammer and the anvil.[2][5]

Hand of the King

Baelor was named Hand of the King and Protector of the Realm.[3] Ser Arlan of Pennytree had a high regard for Baelor, who was considered chivalrous and wise.[3][4]

Tourney at Ashford Meadow

In 209 AC, at the tourney at Ashford Meadow, Prince Baelor vouched for Ser Duncan the Tall because he knew Duncan's old master, Ser Arlan of Pennytree. Baelor had jousted with Arlan in a tourney at Storm's End and had unhorsed him after breaking four lances.[3] Due to Baelor's intervention Duncan was allowed to enter the lists.

When Duncan attacked Prince Aerion Brightfire to defend Tanselle, an innocent puppeteer, Baelor had a private word with Duncan and advised him. The next day Baelor sat together with Prince Maekar, Lord Leo Tyrell, and Lord Ashford in judgment of Duncan. Prince Aerion demanded a trial of seven, which was granted.[3]

With the help of his squire, Prince Aegon Targaryen, and Ser Raymun Fossoway, Duncan was able to recruit five men to fight for him. They needed one more, and because Baelor believed Duncan, he fought for him even though his nephew was the accuser.[3]

Before the melee began, Baelor advised Dunk's champions to use tourney lances, which would strike before their opponents' shorter war lances in the opening tilt. He also noted that the three knights of the Kingsguard on the opposing side would be sworn not to harm him, allowing him to safely engage them. Dunk's defending party won the trial, but Baelor had received a mortal blow to his head from the mace of his brother, Maekar, and the prince died in Dunk's arms. Baelor was cremated at Ashford, per House Targaryen funeral traditions.[3]


Baelor married Jena Dondarrion, with whom he had two sons, Valarr and Matarys,[6] both of whom died in the Great Spring Sickness.[2] Baelor's eldest brother, Aerys I Targaryen, succeeded their father and was later succeeded by their youngest brother, Maekar I, who had dealt the blow that had killed Baelor.[7][8][2]

Baelor's son Valarr married Kiera of Tyrosh.[6] She gave birth twice, but both sons were stillborn.[5]

Daeron II
Aerys I
Maekar I
Kiera of
Kiera of
Aegon V
Stillborn sons
House Targaryen

Quotes by Baelor

Maekar: Brother, have you taken leave of your senses? This man attacked my son.
Baelor: This man protected the weak, as every true knight must. Let the gods determine if he was right or wrong.[3]

Maekar Targaryen and Baelor

Duncan: Your Grace, I am your man. Please. Your man.
Baelor: My man. I need good men, Ser Duncan. The realm ...[3]

Duncan the Tall and Baelor

Quotes about Baelor

The world made no sense when a great prince died so a hedge knight might live.[3]

—thoughts of Duncan the Tall


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