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Axell Florent
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Alexander Petkov © Fantasy Flight Games

Title Ser
Castellan of Dragonstone (formerly)
Queen's Hand (self-styled)
Allegiance House Florent
Queen's men
Book(s) A Clash of Kings (appears)
A Storm of Swords (appears)
A Feast for Crows (appendix)
A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Ser Axell Florent is a knight of House Florent who serves as the castellan of Dragonstone for his nephew-in-law, Lord Stannis Baratheon.[1] He is the younger brother of Lord Alester Florent.[2]


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Ser Axell is a short and muscular stout man, round with thick arms and bandy legs.[3][4] He has the prominent ears for which House Florent is known.[3] Axell's nose is broad, the eyes are close set, and he has a double chin which is saggy.[5][6] The brows are beetled and both his nose and ears are hairy.[5] He is homely[1] and ugly.[7] Axell's voice rings like a trumpet.[7]

Axell is threatening,[5] discourteous,[8] and quick to anger.[6]

Axell wears russet and fox fur.[9] He carries a dagger.[5]


Axell has been castellan of Dragonstone for ten years while Stannis Baratheon has been away in King's Landing serving on the small council of King Robert I Baratheon. Axell replaced an unknown predecessor who served the previous five years.[3]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Ser Axell Florent on Dragonstone by Kristina Carrol © Fantasy Flight Games

Ser Axell supports Stannis Baratheon's claim to the Iron Throne. He emerges as the foremost of the queen's men and a fervent believer in R'hllor. Despite Axell being more courteous to Ser Davos Seaworth than other lords supporting Stannis, Davos does not trust him because House Florent declares for Renly Baratheon.[3]

During a small council meeting, Queen Cersei Lannister suggests creating a rumor that Stannis's daughter, Princess Shireen Baratheon, was actually fathered by Axell.[10]

When Stannis sails for Storm's End, Axell and his niece, Queen Selyse Florent, are left behind on Dragonstone.[11]

A Storm of Swords

Axell arrests Ser Davos Seaworth in Aegon's Garden when Davos plots to kill Melisandre at Dragonstone.[4] Axell brings his own brother, Lord Alester Florent, to the dungeon when the Hand of the King is accused of treason.[12] Axell wants Davos to be burned, but Melisandre instead advises Stannis Baratheon to meet with the Onion Knight. Since Axell hopes to be named as the new Hand, he attempts to intimidate Davos into making such a recommendation to Stannis.[5]

Because Lord Ardrian Celtigar abandoned Stannis after the Battle of the Blackwater, Axell urges Stannis to attack Claw Isle, put the island population to the sword, and loot the wealth rumored to reside there. Davos argues in favor of sparing the people of Claw Isle, and Stannis names the Onion Knight as Hand instead of Axell.[5]

Axell and Queen Selyse Florent advise Stannis to sacrifice Edric Storm to Melisandre's flames,[13] but Davos has the boy smuggled from Dragonstone.[14] Axell claims to be able to see visions in flames, but Melisandre is skeptical of his ability.[7]

A Feast for Crows

When Stannis goes north to the Wall, he leaves Axell at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea with Selyse.[15]

A Dance with Dragons

Ser Axell takes charge of the household of his niece, Queen Selyse, at Eastwatch. He mocks Lord Davos Seaworth during a feast with Cotter Pyke and officers of the Night's Watch, comparing the Onion Lord to an ape.[16] Axell uses the title Queen's Hand. When Cotter sends letters to Jon Snow, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, he disparages the Florent knight.[17]

Axell, who has a ragged brush of a beard,[6] accompanies Selyse to Castle Black after she sets out for the Nightfort. He is disgusted with Wun Wun and desires to meet the beautiful Val.[8] During the wedding feast of Alys Karstark and Sigorn, Axell gives a toast and dances with Selyse.[6] The queen arranges Axell's betrothal to the eldest daughter of Gerrick Kingsblood.[18]

Quotes by Axell

R'hllor has blessed me with that gift. Like Lady Melisandre, he shows me the future in the fire. Stannis Baratheon will sit the Iron Throne. I have seen it. And I know what must be done. His Grace must make me his Hand, in place of my traitor brother.[5]

—Axell to Davos Seaworth

If you think to betray me, pray remember that I have been castellan of Dragonstone a good long time. The garrison is mine. Perhaps I cannot burn you without the king's consent, but who is to say you might not suffer a fall.[5]

—Axell to Davos Seaworth

Defeat is a disease, and victory is the cure.[5]

—Axell to Stannis Baratheon

To King Stannis and his wife, Queen Selyse, Light of the North! To R'hllor, the Lord of Light, may he defend us all! One land, one god, one king![6]

—Axell to the queen's men

Quotes about Axell

I shall bring justice to Westeros. A thing Ser Axell understands as little as he does war.[5]

If he is not a kinslayer, he is the next best thing. Axell Florent's brother had been burned by Melisandre, Maester Aemon had informed him, yet Ser Axell had done little and less to stop it. What sort of man can stand by idly and watch his own brother being burned alive?[8]

—thoughts of Jon Snow

Ser Axell, if you are truly the Queen's Hand, I pity Her Grace.[6]

Jon Snow to Axell


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