A Storm of Swords-Chapter 63

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Davos VI
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Davos
Place Dragonstone
Page 705 UK HC (Other versions)
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A Dance with Dragons
Davos I


Davos and a few hand-picked men he knows to be loyal only to Stannis begin their mission in the dark of night. They find Edric Storm in Pylos' solar, and the maester tells the boy to listen to Davos, as he is the King's Hand. Davos and his men bring Edric in secrecy to a ship of Salladhor's, and Davos tells the boy that he must go with Ser Andrew Estermont on an adventure. With the boy safely away from Dragonstone, Davos goes to face Stannis. He tells the King that Joffrey is dead, and Melisandre states that Tommen will be named king. When she asks Stannis for the boy, the King warns her that she will pay with her life if she is wrong. Melisandre is sure that Stannis is the one prophesied 5,000 years ago, that the comet was his herald. But Davos reveals that Edric Storm is gone, and judges based on her reaction that Melisandre has not foreseen this in her flames. Davos tells Stannis that a king must protect his people or he is no king at all. When Stannis draws Lightbringer to behead Davos, the Onion Knight begins to read out the letter that Maester Pylos received from the Night's Watch.

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