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Castellan is a occupation and title granted by a lord. It confers responsibility for defense of a castle, fort or city and is therefore often given to warriors that are trusted by their lord.

Known Castellans

Name Place On behalf of: When
House FlorentSer Colin Florent Brightwater Keep Alester Florent Lord Alester joined the march to King's Landing with Renly Baratheon's host.
House SpicerSer Rolph Spicer The Crag House Westerling Lord Gawen joined the Lannister hosts invading the Riverlands.
House LannisterSer Damion Lannister Casterly Rock Cersei Lannister After the death of her father; to spite Ser Kevan Lannister.
Night's WatchBowen Marsh Castle Black Lord Commander {Jeor Mormont} The Great Ranging
Night's WatchSer Wynton Stout Castle Black Bowen Marsh Bowen marched west to reinforce Shadow Tower against wildling raiders.
House InchfieldSer {Lucas Inchfield} Coldmoat Lady {Rohanne Webber}
House BoltonRamsay Bolton Dreadfort Roose Bolton Lord Roose marched south with Robb Stark's host.
House FlorentSer Axell Florent Dragonstone Stannis Baratheon Lord Stannis was invited to join the King's Small Council.
Arms unknownSer Rolland Storm Dragonstone Stannis Baratheon King Stannis sailed north for the Wall.
Arms unknownSer Rufus Leek Dun Fort Renfred Rykker Lord Renfred marched north with Randyll Tarly's host.
House Royce (Moon)Ser Nestor Royce Gates of the Moon House Arryn Lord Jon Arryn was appointed as Hand of the King.
House WagstaffSer Humfrey Wagstaff Grandview House Grandison
NoneUnknown Hayford Lady Ermesande Hayford
House Lorch.pngSer {Amory Lorch} Harrenhal {Tywin Lannister} Lord Tywin marched west to stop the Northern Invaders.
None{Polliver} Harrenhal Ser {Gregor Clegane} Ser Gregor was called to King's Landing to fight for King Joffrey.
House HastySer Bonifer Hasty Harrenhal Jaime Lannister/Petyr Baelish Lord Petyr is still in the Vale.
House TyrellSer Harlen Tyrell Highgarden King {Mern IX Gardener} King Mern marched east to fight Aegon the Conqueror
House Karstark{Arnolf Karstark} Karhold House Karstark Lord Rickard marched south with Robb Stark's host.
Umber.pngHother Umber & Mors Umber Last Hearth Greatjon Umber The Greatjon marched south with Robb Stark's host.
Kenning.pngRalf Kenning Moat Cailin Victarion Greyjoy Victarion sailed back to the Iron Isles for the Kingsmoot.
NoneErik Pyke House Greyjoy King Euron sailed south to raid the Reach.
House Tully (Blackfish)Ser Brynden Tully Riverrun Lord Edmure Tully Lord Edmure travelled north to marry a Frey.
House GrellSer Desmond Grell Riverrun Lord Edmure Tully Lord Edmure was stopping Lord Tywin's hosts westward advance.
Arms unknownSer Harbert Storm's End House Baratheon After the death of Lord Steffon.
House PenroseSer {Cortnay Penrose} Storm's End {Renly Baratheon} Lord Renly was invited to join the King's Small Council.
Meadows.png Ser {Elwood Meadows} Storm's End Stannis Baratheon
House FarringSer {Gilbert Farring} Storm's End Stannis Baratheon
House MartellSer Manfrey Martell Sunspear Doran Martell
House Tallhart{Leobald Tallhart} Torrhen's Square Ser {Helman Tallhart} Ser Helman marched south with Robb Stark's host.
House Cassel{Rodrik Cassel} Winterfell House Stark
NoneMaester {Luwin} Winterfell House Stark
None{Lorren} Winterfell Theon Greyjoy
Arms unknownSer Bartimus Wolf's Den Wyman Manderly