A Storm of Swords-Chapter 32

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Tyrion IV
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Tyrion
Place King's Landing
Page 352 UK HC (Other versions)
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Tyrion V


Tyrion visits Symon Silvertongue, and thinks to pay him to leave King's Landing. But the singer wishes to join the tournament of singers that will take place during Joffrey’s wedding. He blackmails Tyrion by indicating that he will tell about his relation with Shae. Tyrion promises him that one of the other singers will be removed, and Bronn will visit him in three days' time. Outside, Tyrion orders Bronn to kill Symon.

Later, Tyrion's father shows him the two new Valyrian swords he had made for Joffrey and Jaime. Master Tobho Mott reworked the metal, and the color of the blade on each sword is black and red. House Lannister has not had a Valyrian sword in hundreds of years, and try as he might, Tywin could never get any of the lesser houses to sell theirs. Where the steel for these new swords came from is not revealed. Tywin tells him that he must consummate his marriage to Sansa, and that Mace Tyrell rejected the marriage proposal between Cersei and Willas, probably because the Queen of Thorns told him to.

Pycelle brings dire tidings from the Wall, and that Maester Aemon fears Lord Mormont is dead. Tywin tells Pycelle to send a veiled message that no men shall be sent to the Wall unless Janos Slynt is considered for the post of Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Tyrion thinks to himself that he should have had Slynt and Pycelle put to death when he had the chance.

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