A Storm of Swords-Chapter 41

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Jon V
A Storm of Swords chapter
Place Queenscrown
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Jon is with the Magnar’s men nearing a village alongside a lake. He realizes that he must somehow escape and reach Castle Black before the raiders do, in order to warn them. The Thenns captured an old man camped in one of the ruined houses, and Styr commands Jon to kill the man. Jon balks, but Ygritte slits the man’s throat with her dagger. As Styr begins to command his men in the Old Tongue, a crash of thunder sounds, and suddenly a direwolf is attacking the Thenns. Jon mistakes the wolf for Ghost or Grey Wind for a moment, wondering if Robb returned to the North, but he never realizes that it is Summer. The direwolf slaughters several wildlings, and in the confusion, Jon mounts the old man’s horse and begins to flee. He is hit with an arrow in the calf, believing the shot was fired by Ygritte. Jon gets away, forcing the horse to gallop for hours without rest, heading for Castle Black.

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