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Orton Merryweather
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Orton, by TheMico

Allegiance House Merryweather
Culture Reach
Born Longtable[1]
Spouse Lady Taena of Myr
Issue Russell Merryweather

Orton Merryweather is the Lord of Longtable and the head of House Merryweather.

Appearance and Character

Orton has a large, lumpy and bulbous nose with messy orange-red hair. He is always courteous.[2]


Orton is the grandson of Lord Owen Merryweather,[3] a Hand of the King to Aerys II Targaryen who was exiled from Westeros for failing to contain Robert's Rebellion.[4] Orton went into exile with his grandfather where he found a Myrish bride, Taena.[5][1]

During his reign,[N 1] King Robert I Baratheon was persuaded by Orton to restore the lands, castle and titles stripped by Aerys to the Merryweathers. Robert does not grant them all of their lands back, however, and also empties the family treasury, leaving Orton a less wealthy and powerful lord than his grandfather had been.[6][1][7][8]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Lord Orton is among the lords who travel to King's Landing when Margaery Tyrell is promised to King Joffrey I Baratheon. He brings his wife, Lady Taena of Myr.[9] Lord Merryweather dances with Sansa Stark at her wedding feast.[10]

A Feast for Crows

Queen Regent Cersei Lannister names Lord Orton to her small council as lord justiciar. In their first session, he counsels making cause with the ironborn to make up for the Iron Throne's lack of sea power after the Battle of the Blackwater, and granting them part of the north despite House Bolton's dominion there. He further suggests turning on the ironmen if the Boltons defeat Stannis Baratheon, though ultimately Cersei elects to build her own fleet.[2]

Cersei raises Orton to be the new Hand of the King after she demotes Ser Harys Swyft to lord treasurer.[3]

After Cersei's imprisonment by the Faith of the Seven, Lord Orton resigns his position and he and his wife flee back to Longtable.[11]


of Myr


Petyr had once remarked that the horn of plenty that adorned House Merryweather's arms suited Lord Orton admirably, since he had carrot-colored hair, a nose as bulbous as a beetroot, and pease porridge for wits.[2]

—thoughts of Cersei Lannister


  1. The Merryweather restauration happened after Robert became king (283 AC) and before the birth of Orton's son, Russell, as he was born at Longtable (A Feast for Crows, Cersei VI). Given that Russell was born no later than 294 AC (see Russell Merryweather), the Merryweathers were thus restored in or between 283 AC and 294 AC.


Title last held by
Owen Merryweather
Lord of Longtable Incumbent
Heir apparent:
Russell Merryweather
Preceded byas master of laws Lord justiciar
300 AC
Served under: Tommen I Baratheon
Succeeded byas master of laws
Preceded by Hand of the King
300 AC
Served under: Tommen I Baratheon
Succeeded by