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Cortnay Penrose
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Ser Cortnay Penrose - by Joshua Cairos. © FFG

Culture Stormlander
Born Parchments[1]
Died 299 AC
Storm's End[2]
Father Lord Penrose

Cortnay Penrose is a knight of House Penrose. The son of Lord Penrose, he is named by Renly Baratheon as castellan of Storm's End.[3]

Appearance and Character

Cortnay is completely bald with a red, spade-shaped beard and a weathered face.[4]

An older man,[4] Cortnay is a seasoned commander[5] and stubborn.[4][6][7] Brienne of Tarth and Ser Davos Seaworth consider Cortnay to be a good and brave man.[6][8] Cortnay is fond of Edric Storm, Robert Baratheon's bastard son and his own ward.[1][4]


While Lord Renly Baratheon was performing his duties in King's Landing as master of laws, Ser Cortnay was named the castellan of Storm's End. He took a part in raising Edric Storm, the acknowledged bastard of Renly's brother, King Robert Baratheon.[5] Cortnay first met Brienne of Tarth when she was a child while visiting Evenfall Hall, and again when Lord Selwyn Tarth sent her to Storm's End.[4]

Lord Mathis Rowan considers Ser Cortnay to be a seasoned battle commander.[5]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

As Renly Baratheon marches towards King's Landing, Stannis Baratheon lays siege to Storm's End, held by Cortnay.[5] As the castle has a strong garrison, is well-provisioned, and held by the seasoned Cortnay, Renly's lords encourage him to continue towards the capital, though Renly refuses to decline Stannis's challenge.[5] However, Renly dies before giving his brother battle. Cortnay sends out ravens with a plea for help in breaking Stannis's siege, offering to bend the knee to whomever would send him aid.[9] He demands to see the Renly's corpse before opening Storm's End's gates.[7]

When Cortnay parleys with Stannis and his lords beneath the walls, Stannis demands Cortnay turn over the castle and Robert Baratheon's bastard, Edric Storm, but Cortnay refuses, instead tossing his glove at Stannis and challenging him to a single combat duel. Stannis refuses this, and Cortnay tells him to elect a champion, insulting those who have joined Stannis after having sworn allegiance to Renly. Rather than risk losing the duel, Stannis warns Cortnay that he will take the castle only by storm—a threat to which Cortnay replies by reminding Stannis of Storm's End's name.[4]

After the parley, Stannis tells Davos Seaworth that Melisandre has seen Cortnay's death in the flames of the future. That night, Stannis sends Davos and Melisandre to have the castellan assassinated by one of Melisandre's shadows.[4][2] Cortnay's lieutenant, Lord Elwood Meadows, immediately gives up the castle and Edric Storm.[10]

Quotes by Cortnay

A man who changes kings and gods the way I change my boots. As do these other turncloaks I see before me.[4]

—Cortnay to Alester Florent

Is it the justice of your cause you doubt, my lord, or the strength of your arm? Are you afraid I’ll piss on your burning sword and put it out?[4]

—Cortnay to Stannis Baratheon

May the Others bugger your Lord of Light, and wipe his arse with that rag you bear. [4]

—Cortnay to Melisandre

Quotes about Cortnay

Stannis: A smuggler must be a fair judge of men. What do you make of this Ser Cortnay Penrose?
Davos: A stubborn man.[4]

He throws my pardon in my face. Aye, and throws his life away in the bargain, and the lives of every man inside those walls. Single combat? No doubt he mistook me for Robert.[4]


Last known title holder:
Castellan of Storm's End
?–299 AC
Served under: Renly Baratheon
Succeeded by