A Clash of Kings-Chapter 39

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Catelyn V
A Clash of Kings chapter
POV Catelyn Tully
Place Riverrun
Page 407 UK HC (Other versions)
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Catelyn VI


Catelyn and her escort are nearing Riverrun and are met by Martyn Rivers and his outriders. She learns that Robb has crushed Ser Stafford Lannister’s levies, and that the Greatjon has seized three of the Lannisters' gold mines. Robb reached Oxcross by following a trail Grey Wind had discovered around the Golden Tooth. However, Martyn tells her that Lord Tywin is marching on Riverrun as they speak. Catelyn makes all haste back to her father Hoster's castle, but first takes Brienne as her sworn sword, to prevent the girl from doing anything foolish. Catelyn is fearful of her brother Edmure's chances in battle against Lord Tywin, and outside Riverrun discovers Lannister men hanging from the walls. Edmure informs her that four men from Ser Cleos's party attempted to free Ser Jaime, and nearly succeeded. They were hanged for their deeds, and the Kingslayer was placed in the deep dungeons and chained to the wall. Her father's steward, Utherydes Wayn, asks Catelyn if there is no hope of aid from the south, hoping that Stannis Baratheon will be forced to make common cause with them, but Catelyn gives no answer, since 'Stannis has made common cause with 'a power greater and darker'.

Edmure also explains that birds have arrived from Storm's End, with messages from Ser Cortnay Penrose seeking help. Cortnay claimed he feared for the boy Edric Storm, Robert's only known high-born bastard. Catelyn makes known her dissent in Edmure giving Lord Tywin battle. Her brother has commanded Roose Bolton to take Harrenhal, and has also called the levies from the Twins, those under the command of Ser Helman Tallhart. Catelyn argues that Robb left those men to make certain Lord Walder kept faith. She learns that Roose wed one of Lord Walder's daughters.

Catelyn then visits her father, but Lord Hoster mistakes her for Lysa, and mumbles several strange, disjointed lines, "Jon’s a good man…strong, kind…you’ll wed when Catelyn does…That stripling…wretched boy…not speak that name to me, your duty…". Catelyn is then led by Utherydes to the silent sisters who possess Lord Eddard's bones. When she states that she must thank Cersei for even this much, her father's steward tells her to thank the Imp, since it was his doing. Catelyn thinks to herself "One day I will thank them all".

Catelyn commands the silent sisters to lay Ned's bones to rest in the crypts of Winterfell, and then asks to be left alone with her husband's body, musing that she envies the silent sisters for their supposed ability to speak to the dead.

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