A Storm of Swords-Chapter 10

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Davos II
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Davos
Place Aboard the Shayala's Dance in Blackwater Bay - Dragonstone
Page 109 UK HC (Other versions)
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Davos III


Davos learns that his son Devan is alive, and that mainly only the Florents remain to King Stannis. Many of his other bannermen who were captured during the Battle bent the knee to King Joffrey. He also learns that Lord Guncer Sunglass was sacrificed to the fire by Melisandre as an offering to R'hllor. Salladhor tells Davos that Lord Alester is now Hand of the King, but Stannis remains in the Stone Drum and sees no one but Melisandre.

Davos plans to kill Melisandre because he blames her for the defeat and the death of his sons. He reveals as much to Salladhor who tries to talk him out of it. When put ashore, he meets Shireen and Edric Storm. The boy greatly resembles Robert and Renly, and he reveres his father. Edric says that his uncle Stannis should never have chopped off Davos’s fingers, but the Onion Knight knows that Robert was a different man than Stannis. Before Edric can talk further, Ser Axell Florent arrives and takes Davos into custody for plotting to kill Melisandre.

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