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Devan Seaworth, art by lupotterdraws©

Culture Crownlands
Born 287 AC[1]
Father Davos Seaworth
Mother Marya Seaworth

Devan Seaworth is the fifth son of Ser Davos Seaworth and his wife Marya. He is a squire of King Stannis Baratheon.[2]

Appearance and Character

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Devan is a skinny boy,[3] with a square plain face, forthright brown eyes, and thin brown flyaway hair.[4][3] He looks very much like his eldest brother Dale did at that age. Devan's cheeks and chin are covered with a fuzz of blond hair, and though the beard "would have shamed a proper peach" (according to Devan's father Davos), Devan is fiercely proud of it.[4]

Devan takes great pride in being a squire of King Stannis Baratheon.[5] As a royal squire, Devan dresses in a squire's raiment, a cream-colored doublet with Stannis's sigil sewn on the breast. Davos feels Devan looks splendid in his raiment.[2] Devan also wears Baratheon gold and black, with the flaming heart of R'hllor sewn above his own.[3]

Devan is called brave by Salladhor Saan[6] and described as "a good boy" by Stannis Baratheon, who claims the boy is much like his father.[7] Melisandre considers him to be "quick and smart and able".[5] He is a diligent boy, who has learned to read and write.[2][4] According to the master-at-arms at Dragonstone, Devan is showing promise with sword and lance.[4] Davos is sure Devan will be knighted in the future.[2]

After Stannis converts to the Lord of Light, Devan does the same,[8] and becomes a devout follower.[4] Melisandre believes that he fears her, but that he is half in love with her too.[5]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Devan is present during Melisandre's burning of the Dragonstone sept's statues of the Seven. He equips King Stannis Baratheon with a padded glove so that he may draw the sword Lightbringer from the Mother's breast. After the ceremony, Devan and his fellow squire Bryen Farring collect Lightbringer. Davos tells his sons Dale and Allard that Devan handled himself well.{Ref|ACOK|10}}

Devan tries to wake Stannis the morning he is to battle his brother Renly Baratheon at Storm's End, but cannot. He sees Stannis thrash and cry out, dreaming.[8]

Devan attends Stannis as his squire when he attacks King's Landing during the Battle of the Blackwater. According to Salladhor Saan, Devan bravely stays by Stannis's side throughout the battle. When the battle turns against Stannis and he retreats, Devan is one of the Baratheon men taken away by Saan's Lyseni galleys.[6]

A Storm of Swords

Davos, a survivor of the Battle of the Blackwater, remembers his four sons who died during the battle, and worries that Devan may have been killed as well.[9] Davos asks Salladhor Saan if Dale and Allard had managed to escape the destruction of the battle. Salladhor tells him no, but comforts him with the news that Devan is safe, and reports on his bravery.[6]

At Dragonstone, Devan continues his lessons with Maester Pylos, alongside Princess Shireen Baratheon and Edric Storm, the bastard son of the late King Robert I Baratheon.[4]

Davos finds himself thinking about Marya and their two young sons almost every day, and part of him wishes he could take Devan and go home.[4] He thinks if he survives telling Stannis he has helped Edric Storm escape, he will return to Cape Wrath with Devan, raise his living sons to be good men, and speak no more of kings.[10]

When Stannis Baratheon goes north to the Wall, Devan, as his squire, accompanies him and is part of his retinue at Castle Black.[11]

A Dance with Dragons

In White Harbor, Davos thinks that when the war is over and Stannis sits the Iron Throne and has no more need of him, he will take his sons Devan, Steff, and Stanny, and travel east to see the wonders of the world.[12]

At Castle Black, Devan attends King Stannis as his squire.[13] He attempts to summon Jon Snow to the king's chambers, but when Ghost sniffs him, he freezes in fear until Jon commands the direwolf to leave him alone.[3]

While imprisoned in the Wolf's Den, believing he is to be executed, Davos writes letters to his wife and three surviving sons. To Devan, he writes how proud he was to see him as a king's squire, reminds him it's his duty as the eldest son to protect his mother and younger brothers. He asks Devan to tell Stannis that Davos did his best, and is sorry he had failed him.[14]

When Stannis marches south to face the Boltons, Devan's fellow squire Bryen Farring travels with him. However, Devan remains at Castle Black to attend Melisandre. Devan is unhappy to be left behind, and Melisandre thinks the boy may believe he is being punished for some mistake he or his father may have made. In truth, Melisandre requested that Stannis leave Devan with her because it would be safer, and she does not wish for Davos to lose any more sons.[5]


My brothers have ascended to the Hall of Light, to sit beside the Lord. I will pray for them at the nightfires, and for you as well, Father, so you might walk in the Light of the Lord till the end of your days.[4]

—Devan, to Davos Seaworth