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Master-at-arms is a position in a noble household, usually filled by a knight, charged with training the garrison, as well as noble children, in fighting skills.[1][2] They can provide blunted weapons for training instead of live steel.[3] Masters-at-arms are present at most castles in the Seven Kingdoms, although they are not used by the crannogmen.[4]


Ser Quentyn Ball, a master-at-arms at the Red Keep, supported Daemon I Blackfyre during the First Blackfyre Rebellion.[5]

Ser Willem Darry helped train Prince Rhaegar Targaryen,[6] and he later helped Prince Viserys and Princess Targaryen escape for Braavos before the assault on Dragonstone.[7]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Jon Snow has a contentious relationship with the master-at-arms of Castle Black, Ser Alliser Thorne.[8][9]