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Theon Greyjoy.jpg
Theon Greyjoy, by Roman Papsuev ©

Allegiance House Greyjoy
Culture Ironmen
Born 278279 AC[11]
Pyke, the Iron Islands[12]
Father Lord Balon Greyjoy
Mother Lady Alannys Harlaw

Played by Alfie Allen
TV series Game of Thrones:
Season 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Theon Greyjoy is a member of House Greyjoy and is the sole surviving son and heir apparent of Balon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands. At the end of Greyjoy's Rebellion, Theon was taken to Winterfell as a hostage and ward to Lord Eddard Stark. He becomes a POV character in A Clash of Kings. In the television adaptation Game of Thrones, he is played by Alfie Allen.[13]

Appearance and Character

Theon is a lean, dark, handsome youth,[14] with black hair, and a lean, dark face.[15] He seems to find everything amusing.[14] He is known for his confidence[16] and his cocky smile.[15] He is promiscuous and vain,[15][17] but behind his arrogant exterior hides insecurities relating to his uncertain familial and social identity. Theon seeks approval from the Starks, but usually feels unsatisfied.[17][2] The youth is not particularly religious.[17]

Theon wears a fur-lined cloak, black silk gloves, black leather boots, silvery-grey lambswool breeches, a white leather belt, and a black velvet doublet embroidered with the kraken of House Greyjoy. He has purchased a golden chain by paying the "gold price".[17] Another outfit includes a striped black and gold satin tunic, and a leather jerkin with silver studs.[1] For combat situations Theon wears a black kraken-emblazoned surcoat over a shirt of fine mail.[18]

An experienced hunter[19] and horse rider,[20] Theon is accomplished with the longbow[15] and he also wields a dirk.[17] He carries a longsword in a scabbard striped with the Greyjoy colors of black and gold.[17] Theon thinks of himself as a graceful dancer.[21]


Theon refers to Theon Stark, a King in the North, as his namesake.[21] Theon received beatings at Pyke from his older brothers, Rodrik and Maron.[7] He received his first sword from Dagmer Cleftjaw.[22]

Theon was a boy of ten when Greyjoy's Rebellion was crushed and his brothers were killed, making him the heir to House Greyjoy and the Iron Islands. Theon was taken from his father, Lord Balon Greyjoy, as a hostage and ward by Lord Eddard Stark and has been raised at Winterfell for nine years since.[23]

Considered to be in fosterage,[24] Theon was raised with the Stark children and tutored with them in all disciplines, including instructions from Maester Luwin[21] and training at arms from Ser Rodrik Cassel.[2] His relationship with the Starks is respectful, and he has come to consider Robb a close friend and younger brother.[17][7] Although they trained together,[24] Theon ignored the sullen Jon Snow, Lord Eddard's bastard son and another outsider in the family.[25][17] However, though he claims to Catelyn Stark that Lord Eddard was like a second father to him,[26] and although Eddard indeed attempted to be like a father to him from time to time, Theon still thought Eddard to be cold.[17] As a child, Theon used to think that Eddard might marry him to his eldest daughter Sansa and claim him for a son.[4]

Theon and Robb trained with wooden swords on the steps of Winterfell,[7] and together with Jon Snow were trained at arms by Ser Rodrik Cassel.[24] He played in the castle's godswood,[24] and participated in melees during tourneys.[17] In 296 AC Theon traveled with Lord Eddard to Torrhen's Square, where he spent a fortnight with Benfred Tallhart, whom Theon teased for his large neck.[22]

Theon has slept with numerous women,[17] including Kyra and Bessa of the winter town[15] and a miller's wife along the Acorn Water.[9] He lost his virginity to the brewer's wife in Winterfell's godswood.[9][24]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Theon Greyjoy in the wolfswood - by artist Jason Engle. © Fantasy Flight Games.

When the Stark boys witness the execution of Gared, Theon ceremonially presents Lord Eddard Stark with the Valyrian steel sword Ice. Theon kicks away Gared's severed head afterwards.[14] When King Robert I Baratheon rides north to ask Lord Eddard Stark to assume the position of Hand of the King, Theon joins the king's hunt.[27] Theon remains in Winterfell after Ned Stark leaves with Robert for King's Landing.[26]

Catelyn Stark travels to the capital to inform Lord Stark of the catspaw's Valyrian steel dagger, and Ned advises his wife to watch Theon in case they need the Iron Fleet of Theon's father, Lord Balon Greyjoy.[28]

Theon and Hallis Mollen advise Robb Stark, the acting lord in Winterfell,[29] and Theon thinks Robb should call the banners when Eddard is wounded in King's Landing.[15] When a group of wildlings and Night's Watch deserters attack Bran Stark in the wolfswood, Theon kills Stiv with an arrow. Theon feels hurt when Robb criticizes him for risking Bran's life with the shot.[15]

At the outbreak of war, Theon becomes Robb's trusted advisor.[15] He accompanies Robb and his army south,[30] and becomes one of Ser Brynden Tully's scouts.[31][22] Riding a courser[20] as one of Robb's personal guard,[32] Theon takes pride in almost fighting Ser Jaime Lannister in the Whispering Wood.[22][33] He advocates assaulting the Twins[31] and executing the captive Jaime.[32] After the Battle of the Camps, Theon accompanies Robb to Riverrun, where his friend is proclaimed King in the North.[34]

A Clash of Kings

Theon is blessed with seawater by the Damphair - by artist Tommy Arnold © Fantasy Flight Games.

Robb Stark, now King in the North and King of the Trident, sends Theon from Riverrun to the Iron Islands to forge an alliance with his father, Lord Balon Greyjoy, asking him to attack the westerlands with his longships. Robb's mother, Catelyn Stark, unsuccessfully advises Robb against the decision.[35]

Theon travels with Lord Jason Mallister and Patrek Mallister to Seagard, where he boards the Myraham. During his journey home, Theon sleeps with the captain's daughter, who wants to be his salt wife. He considers the red comet to be a good omen of his mission.[17] Theon is met at Pyke's port by his uncle, Aeron Damphair, a priest of the Drowned God, who pours salt water over him as a blessing from their god. At the castle of Pyke, Theon is given chambers in the Bloody Keep.[17]

Theon brings Robb's offer of alliance to his father, hoping to lead the Iron Fleet against Lannisport[2] and claim Casterly Rock from House Lannister as his own seat.[17] Balon—offended by Theon's northern ways and attire, as well as his failure to pay the iron price—rejects Robb's offer to ally and grant a crown.[17]

At Lordsport, Theon buys a horse, Smiler, from Lord Sawane Botley. He also acquires a squire, the mute boy Wex Pyke, Sawane's bastard nephew. Theon meets his sister, Asha, who flirts with him under the assumed identity "Esgred". On the journey back to Pyke, "Esgred" tries to convince Theon to go see his mother, Alannys Harlaw, but he says he is too busy. At a feast that night at Pyke, Asha reveals herself and takes the place of honor beside their father, humilitating Theon. Theon learns of Balon's plans to conquer the north, since most of its fighting men are south of the Neck with Robb. Theon receives a position of minor authority.[8]

Theon returns to Pyke – by Mark Evans ©

Theon is sent by his father to harry the Stone Shore under the supervision of Aeron and Dagmer Cleftjaw. Theon commands eight longships, and captains the Sea Bitch himself. He raids several villages but although he holds the command, his men fear his uncle Aeron or consider Theon to be a soft boy from the green lands. Benfred Tallhart and his Wild Hares are sent to go deal with Theon and his ironborn by Leobald Tallhart,[36] but when the Wild Hares do not send scouts ahead, Theon and his men easily surprise and defeat them. Theon orders their leader to be spared for questioning, not expecting to be faced with a familiar face. Although Theon hoped to question Benfred, the latter refuses to answer any questions and instead calls Theon a traitor, spitting on him. For this insult, Aeron insists that Benfred be drowned.[22] Theon decides not to witness Benfred's death, and instead goes to his looting men. Watching them squabble over plunder, Theon wishes break it up by shooting Todric's drinking horn from his hand. However, Todric suddenly moves and is fatally hit by the arrow in the belly, so Theon claims he meant to do that.[22]

Theon is dissatisfied with his duties, and feels the insignificant raids he has been ordered to do are beneath him, so he devises a new plan. He gives Aeron six longships to continue the raiding, and gives Dagmer most of the remaining men to besiege Torrhen's Square. Theon knows that this attack will draw the levies from Winterfell, so that he himself can capture the defenseless castle with only a handful of men.[22]

Theon is advised by "Reek". Art by Sardag ©

Theon captures Winterfell with a small party, successfully overwhelming its few remaining guards.[18] With the castle under his control, Theon takes Bran and Rickon Stark hostage and declares himself Prince of Winterfell. He sleeps with Kyra in the bed of the late Lord Eddard Stark.[9] Theon's slim iron crown is decorated with black diamonds and gold.[1]

Theon has difficulty controlling Winterfell's population, many of whom are known to him. He frees "Reek" from the castle's dungeon and takes him into his service. Maester Luwin also serves Theon, and pleads for him to show mercy and tolerance. Bran and Rickon escape with the help of Osha, Hodor, and Meera and Jojen Reed, but Theon fails to track the boys down in the wolfswood. Following the advice of "Reek", he kills two boys around the same age from the Acorn Water mill, and presents their preserved corpses as the Stark boys.[9] Theon forbids Luwin from burying the bodies in the crypt of Winterfell,[1] and instead mounts their heads on the castle walls.[37]

When mysterious deaths start happening to three of Theon's ironborn who had been part of the search party, Farlen is blamed by Theon without evidence. Farlen reminds Theon that Lord Eddard Stark did his own killings, forcing Theon to do the deed himself. However, it was actually "Reek" who, with Theon's approval, killed Aggar, Gelmarr, and Gynir, to secure the secret of the "Stark boys'" deaths.[1]

Theon in Winterfell – by Diener ©

Meanwhile, Ser Rodrik Cassel repulses Dagmer in a fight at Torrhen's Square[1] and gathers men to Castle Cerwyn.[37] As the return of Winterfell's garrison looms, Theon reaches out to Asha for help. She arrives from Deepwood Motte, but tells Theon that the ironborn will never succeed in holding landlocked castles. After leaving behind a token group of men, she abandons Winterfell and advises Theon to do the same. Theon rages that his greatest achievement has earned him no respect from either the northmen or the ironborn, and sinks into despair. He has nightmares of direwolves, the miller's wife, and King Robert I Baratheon's feast at Winterfell.[1]

Theon frees "Reek" to seek help at the Dreadfort before Winterfell's men return under the command of Rodrik.[1] At the start of the parlay with Rodrik, Theon learns that he has acquired the moniker "Theon Turncloak". As a final gambit, Theon threatens to hang Rodrik's daughter, Beth, if Winterfell is attacked. As Theon awaits Rodrik's decision, Luwin convinces Theon to join the Night's Watch, where his crimes will be forgiven and he can earn respect. However, before Theon can surrender, House Bolton men arrive and surprisingly attack Rodrik's men in the winter town, scattering them. As Theon attempts to thank "Reek", the servant reveals his true identity to be Ramsay Snow. The Bastard of Bolton shatters Theon's cheekbone with an armored fist, and orders the garrison of the Dreadfort to burn Winterfell.[2]

A Storm of Swords

Lord Tywin Lannister briefly considers having his widowed daughter, Queen Cersei Lannister, marry Theon.[38]

Big Walder Frey, brought with his cousin Little Walder to the Dreadfort by Ramsay, writes to the Twins that Theon burned Winterfell when the northmen tried to retake the castle. At Riverrun, Lothar Frey informs Catelyn and Robb Stark of this news.[39]

When Jon Snow returns to Castle Black after the great ranging and spying on a group of free folk, Maester Aemon informs him of his brothers' murders and of the burning of Winterfell. Jon cannot quite believe Theon would do that. Grenn informs him that Ramsay is said to be flaying Theon alive as punishment.[40]

Ramsay sends to his father, Lord Roose Bolton, a piece of flayed skin which Roose delivers to King Robb Stark and his mother Catelyn. With Theon's father, Balon, having fallen to his death at Pyke, Roose convinces Robb to spare Theon's life until the succession to the Iron Islands is resolved.[41] Roose then betrays Robb and Catelyn in the Red Wedding, however.[42]

A Feast for Crows

Euron Greyjoy, Theon's uncle who has claimed the Seastone Chair after Balon's death, drowns Lord Sawane Botley for insisting that Theon should succeed Balon. Aeron Damphair recalls that Balon preferred Asha to be his successor instead of Theon, but he feels that the ironborn would not follow a woman, and therefore calls for a kingsmoot to decide the succession.[43]

Asha reports to her uncle, Lord Rodrik Harlaw, that she was unable to identify Theon's body at Winterfell, as wolves had been at the corpses, and can only determine that the northmen fought among themselves. Rodrik tells Asha that he has told Theon's mother, Alannys Harlaw, very little about Theon's status. Asha recalls how her mother had been disappointed when Theon did not visit her, and does not know how to tell her that he may be dead.[44]

The small council of King Tommen I Baratheon believes Theon to be slain.[45]

A Dance with Dragons

Reek – by Marc Fishman ©

Theon has been tortured repeatedly by Ramsay Snow, who has since been legitimized by King Tommen as Ramsay Bolton. Ramsay and the Bastard's Boys remove the skin on several of Theon's toes and fingers, leaving him in agony for days before removing the joints but only after Theon begs him to remove them. He breaks and removes several of Theon's teeth because Ramsay hates his smiles.[4] It is also hinted that Ramsay may have sexually abused Theon, or even emasculated him.[20][24][N 2] Theon is forced to take on the guise of Reek, the name of Ramsay's late serving man. He is forbidden to bathe and is caked from head to toe in filth and excrement.[4]

Due to the torture endured at Ramsay's hands, Theon looks like he has aged forty years. Besides missing teeth, many more are loose, so he cannot eat without suffering agony. He has lost three stone in weight, his skin has turned pasty, and his hair is white and brittle. He can no longer use a bow due to the loss of three fingers,[20] has difficulty riding,[20] and he hobbles like an old man due to the loss of several toes.[4]

Before he endured the worst of Ramsay's tortures, Theon was allowed to escape with the help of Kyra, his former bedwarmer at Winterfell. His captor let them get a day's head start before chasing them with his hunting hounds. Theon was taken back to the Dreadfort's dungeon, while Kyra was killed by Ramsay and his hounds. Theon is mentally and physically broken by Ramsay and lives in great fear of him.[4] He disgusts the Frey cousins, as well as Arnolf Karstark and Hother Umber during a feast at the Dreadfort.[4]

Theon prays before the weirwood in Winterfell's godswood. Art by Cecilia Latella ©

With Ramsay's father, Lord Roose Bolton, returning to the north, Ramsay has Theon washed and properly clothed. Pretending to still be a prince, Theon is sent to deliver peace terms to the ironborn occupying Moat Cailin. Theon gives the gift of mercy to the dying Ralf Kenning, and relays Ramsay's promise of food and safe passage to the survivors. When they do surrender, Ramsay has them all flayed alive and displays their skinless bodies along the causeway to the ruined castle. As a reward, a rag-clad Theon is allowed to sleep among Ramsay's dogs. He is present when Ramsay is introduced to his bride, "Arya Stark", whom he instantly recognizes as Jeyne Poole.[20] With the siege of Moat Cailin resolved, Ramsay sends a letter and a scrap of Theon's skin to his sister Asha at Deepwood Motte, and to Dagmer at Torrhen's Square, warning them to abandon the north.[47]

Roose angers Ramsay by taking Theon from him in Barrowton and introducing him to Lady Barbrey Dustin at Barrow Hall.[5] Theon insists he is actually Reek, believing that "Theon" was some other man.[20][5] Roose's host and other northern bannermen gather at the partially-rebuilt Winterfell.[24]

Because Theon was a ward of Winterfell for ten years and is the closest thing to kin "Arya" has, he gives the bride away at the wedding in the godswood of Winterfell. Jeyne pleads with Theon several times before the wedding to help rescue her, but Theon refuses. During the wedding banquet held in the Great Hall, Theon sits with Barbrey and is reviled by those in attendance.[24] Fearing that Roose will return him to Ramsay, Theon hopes that Stannis Baratheon will arrive to kill them all, putting him out of his misery.[24] During the bedding, Ramsay has Theon strip his bride for him and makes Theon watch as he humiliates and degrades Jeyne, then forces Theon to prepare Jeyne sexually before he rapes her.[24]

Lady Dustin has Theon show her the crypt of Winterfell, where he admits he wanted to be a Stark.[21] Theon prays before the heart tree in Winterfell's godswood.[21] During one visit, he sees hints of Bran Stark's face in the weirwood, hearing it whisper his name and temporarily restoring his sanity.[6] Wandering the castle, Theon is approached by Holly and Rowan, two washerwomen, on behalf of the singer Abel;[6] they are actually disguised free folk spearwives led by Mance Rayder.[48] Rowan delivers Theon to "Abel" in the ruins of the Burned Tower.[7]

"We flew" - Theon and Jeyne Poole escape Winterfell by leaping from the battlements. Art by Juliana Pinho

When several northmen are suspiciously found dead, Theon is thought a suspect, although he wonders if a hooded man he meets is instead to blame. The idea of Theon being the murderer is quickly dismissed by Roose, who claims that Theon is too broken and weak to have carried out murders.[6] The deaths cause tension in the castle between the Freys, Boltons, Manderlys, and other northern houses, finally erupting into a brawl after Little Walder Frey is found murdered.[7]

Responsible for some of the deaths, the spearwives enlist the help of a reluctant Theon to free Jeyne Poole, whom they believe to be Arya Stark, during the confusion.[7] As they are escaping, one of the Bolton men is killed by Frenya and Jeyne screams, which alerts the guards. Theon and Jeyne reach the top of Winterfell's walls, only to realize that the rope has been left with one of the spearwives down below. Under attack by guards shooting arrows, Theon grabs Jeyne and jumps from the battlements.[7]

Theon and Jeyne land in deep snow and are caught by Mors Umber, who sends them to rendezvous with Stannis's army at a crofters' village in the wolfswood a few days ride away.[49] Asha, a captive with Stannis's army after the fight by Deepwood Motte, barely recognizes Theon due to his torture at the hands of Ramsay.[50]

At the Wall, Jon Snow receives a letter from Ramsay, demanding the return of his bride and "his Reek".[51]

The Winds of Winter

This information has thus far been released in a sample chapter for The Winds of Winter, and might therefore not be in finalized form. Keep in mind that the content as described below is still subject to change.
Theon reunited with Asha – by mustamirri ©

Theon is held prisoner by Stannis Baratheon, who plans to execute Theon to placate northern mountain clansmen who want vengeance for the supposed murders of Bran and Rickon Stark. Stannis intends to keep Theon alive for the time being, as he might have useful information about Roose and Ramsay Bolton. Theon, hanging in chains from a wall, is present during the agreement between Stannis and Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank of Braavos, as well as the exposure of Arnolf Karstark's planned treachery and the subsequent arrest of Arnolf's family and men.[49]

Theon recalls how he confessed to Asha the truth about Bran and Rickon Stark and the miller's sons, and about the washerwomen who were really spearwives, and how he told Jeyne that she must keep pretending to be Arya Stark. After Asha's attempts to ransom Theon fail, and Stannis says his men want to burn him alive as a sacrifice to R'hllor, Asha urges Stannis to execute Theon as Eddard Stark would have - by beheading him in front of a heart tree. After she says it, the maester's ravens in the room excitedly squawk the words, "the tree", and "Theon". Theon is pleased that the ravens know his name.[49]

When Victarion Greyjoy and the Iron Fleet arrive in Meereen, Ser Barristan Selmy wonders if it has something to do with Theon.[52]


Theon Greyjoy, by Christine Griffin © FFG

A dead enemy is a thing of beauty.[15]

—Theon to Robb Stark

He'd led men in war, hunted with a king, won honor in tourney melees, ridden with Brynden Blackfish and Greatjon Umber, fought in the Whispering Wood, bedded more girls than he could name, and yet this uncle was treating him as though he were still a child of ten.[17]

—Theon's thoughts

Balon: My daughter has taken an axe for a lover. I will not have my son bedeck himself like a whore. It is as I feared. The green lands have made you soft, and the Starks have made you theirs.
Theon: You're wrong. Ned Stark was my gaoler, but my blood is still salt and iron.[17]

Balon Greyjoy and Theon

Theon: I will lead the attack myself, if it please you. As my reward I would ask that you grant me Casterly Rock for my own seat, once we have taken it from the Lannisters.
Balon: You reward yourself handsomely for a notion and a few lines of scribbling.[17]

—Theon and Balon Greyjoy

Only a fool humbles himself when the world is so full of men eager to do that job for him.[8]

—Theon to "Esgred"

Asha: Ten years a wolf, and you land here and think to prince about the islands, but you know nothing and no one. Why should men fight and die for you?

Theon: I am their lawful prince.

Asha: By the laws of the green lands, you might be. But we make our own laws here, or have you forgotten?[8]

Asha Greyjoy and Theon

Theon: I am a Greyjoy of Pyke. The cloak my father swaddled me in bore a kraken, not a direwolf.

Rodrik: For ten years you have been a ward of Stark.
Theon: Hostage and prisoner, I call it.

Rodrik: Then perhaps Lord Eddard should have kept you chained to a dungeon wall. Instead he raised you among his own sons, the sweet boys you have butchered, and to my undying shame I trained you in the arts of war. Would that I had thrust a sword through your belly instead of placing one in your hand.[2]

—Theon and Rodrik Cassel

The boar can keep his tusks, and the bear his claws. There's nothing half so mortal as a grey goose feather.[19]

—Theon after a hunt, as recalled by Jon Snow

I'm not him, I'm not the turncloak, he died at Winterfell. My name is Reek. It rhymes with freak.[5]

—Theon to Barbrey Dustin

Theon wondered what that would be like, to have a home.[24]

—Theon's thoughts

Please. A sword, that's all I ask. Let me die as Theon, not as Reek.[6]

Theon: Winter is coming ...
Rowan: You have no right to mouth Lord Eddard's words. Not you. Not ever.[7]

—Theon and Rowan

Robb, who had been more a brother to Theon than any son born of Balon Greyjoy’s loins. Murdered at the Red Wedding, butchered by the Freys. I should have been with him. Where was I? I should have died with him.[7]

—Theon's thoughts

Asha: Theon?
Theon: Theon. My name is Theon. You have to know your name.[50]

Asha Greyjoy and Theon

I saved her. I saved the girl. We flew.[49]

—Theon, to Stannis Baratheon

Quotes about Theon

Theon and "Reek", before and after. Art by mustamirri ©

He smiled a lot, as if the world were a secret joke that only he was clever enough to understand.[15]

Bran Stark's thoughts

She studied Theon Greyjoy's sly smile, wondering what it meant. That young man had a way of looking as though he knew some secret jest that only he was privy to; Catelyn had never liked it.[35]

Catelyn Stark's thoughts

Your lord father did what he could to gentle Theon, but I fear it was too little and too late.[18]

He had only the vaguest memory of Theon Greyjoy from his time with the Starks. A callow youth, always smiling, skilled with a bow; it was hard to imagine him as Lord of Winterfell.[10]

Tyrion Lannister's thoughts

If Theon had died in place of Lord Karstark's sons, how much ill would have been undone?[33]

Catelyn Stark's thoughts

They can't be dead. Theon would never do that.[40]

Jon Snow's thoughts, after hearing of the murder of Bran and Rickon Stark

The skin from the little finger of Theon Greyjoy's left hand. My son is cruel, I confess it. And yet ... what is a little skin, against the lives of two young princes? You were their mother, my lady. May I offer you this ... small token of revenge?[41]

Alannys: Did you bring my baby boy?
Asha: Theon could not come. Father sent him reaving along the Stony Shore.[44]

The wolves have made a weakling of him, as I feared. I pray god that they killed him, so he cannot stand in Asha's way.[43]

Arnolf: Him? Can it be? Stark's ward. Smiling, always smiling.

Ramsay: He smiles less often now. I may have broken some of his pretty white teeth.

Hother: You would have done better to slit his throat. A dog who turns against his master is fit for naught but skinning.[4]

You're Reek. You'll always be Reek, no matter how sweet you smell. Your nose may lie to you. Remember your name. Remember who you are.[20]

Ramsay Bolton to Theon

I send you each a piece of prince. Linger in my lands, and share his fate.[47]

Ramsay Bolton, in a letter to Asha Greyjoy

Stannis: I am sorry for your mother, but I do not spare the lives of turncloaks. This one, especially. He slew two sons of Eddard Stark. Every Northman in my service would abandon me if I showed him any clemency. Your brother must die.
Asha: Then do the deed yourself, Your Grace. Take him out across the lake to the islet where the weirwood grows, and strike his head off with that sorcerous sword you bear. That is how Eddard Stark would have done it. Theon slew Lord Eddard's sons. Give him to Lord Eddard's gods. The old gods of the north. Give him to the tree.[49]


Lady Stonetree
Lady Piper
Lady Sunderly
Alannys Harlaw
three wives


  1. Erroneously called Lord of Winterfell by Tyrion Lannister.[10]
  2. Theon thinks that Ramsay has removed "fingers and toes and that other thing".[20] When Ramsay commands Theon to prepare Jeyne for him, Theon confusedly says "I have no..." before Ramsay tells him to use his mouth.[24] The fact that Theon has his penis removed by Ramsay in "The Bear and the Maiden Fair", an episode of Game of Thrones written by George R. R. Martin, may be a confirmation of Theon's emasculation in the books. However, in the DVD commentary of the episode, Martin clarified that he actually did not write any of the scenes with Theon and Ramsay for Game of Thrones, and in the books, left the "other parts" of Theon that Ramsay removed "a little more to the imagination".[46]


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