A Storm of Swords-Chapter 35

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Catelyn IV
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Catelyn
Place Riverrun
Page 392 UK HC (Other versions)
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Catelyn V


Hoster Tully has finally passed away, and his family and bannermen are gathered for the funeral. Lame Lothar Frey and Walder Rivers have come to Riverrun to negotiate a meeting between Robb and Lord Walder Frey that will hopefully restore the alliance. The Lord of Riverrun is placed on a funeral pyre boat launched by Robb, Tytos Blackwood, Jonos Bracken, Jason Mallister, Marq Piper, Karyl Vance and Lothar Frey. Lothar is invited to take the place that would be Desmond Grell's as a gesture of goodwill towards House Frey, as an effort from Robb to apologize for his failure to keep his vow of marrying a Frey. Edmure tries to launch a fire arrow at the ship to light it but he misses three times. He gives the bow to Brynden Tully, who hits the boat, causing it to catch fire.

Later, Robb is devastated by the news from Duskendale, shocked that Robett Glover and Helman Tallhart took it upon themselves to attack such an insignificant castle, losing nearly a third of Robb’s infantry; he later states his intention to exchange Robett for their captive Martyn Lannister. The king tells Catelyn of Sansa’s marriage to the Imp. Catelyn begs him to bend the knee and make peace with the Lannisters, but Robb will not hear it. At dinner, Lothar tells them that his father received word from Little Walder and Big Walder at the Dreadfort, that Winterfell had been burned and Rodrik Cassel killed. Lothar remarks that the Bastard of Bolton rescued the survivors from Winterfell, to Catelyn’s disbelief. Lothar brings his father’s terms that Robb appear in person to offer apology, and that Edmure marry Roslin Frey immediately. Robb dismisses Lothar and Bastard Walder, and when Edmure balks at not being able to choose his wife, the Blackfish reminds him that he must make amends for his blunder with the Battle of the Fords.

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