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Night's Watch.svgChettNight's Watch.svg
Chett, by acidbetta©

Culture Rivermen
Born Hag's Mire
Died In 299 ACFist of the First Men

Chett is a steward of the Night's Watch. Before he was sent to the Wall, he was a leechman's son in the riverlands. He is the POV character in the prologue of A Storm of Swords.[1]


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Chett has a red face with many boils and a large cyst on his neck.[2]


Chett was born around Hag's Mire. His father collected leeches and sold them to maesters, and Chett learned the trade from his father. He was an ugly boy and so girls did not take interest in him. Chett picked flowers for a girl named Bessa who had slept with every boy in their village, but she spurned and insulted him. Chett became so angry that he killed her with his knife. After being caught near Sevenstreams, Chett was judged by Ser Walder Rivers, one of Lord Walder Frey's bastards, and sent to the Wall. He has been a steward assisting Maester Aemon for four years.[1]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

At the Wall, Chett is a steward whose job is to care for the ravens and old Maester Aemon, with Clydas. This was a rather comfortable position, but it is taken away from him by Jon Snow, who advises Aemon that the job is better suited for the literate Samwell Tarly.[2] After that, Chett is assigned to the kennels[3] and aids the kennelmaster, Bass.[4]

A Clash of Kings

Chett takes care of the dogs on the great ranging of the Watch beyond the Wall. He and Lark the Sisterman come upon Jon when he is talking to Gilly, one of Craster's wives.[5] Jon later overhears Chett and Lark talking about mutiny.[6]

A Storm of Swords

Morale is low during the great ranging. Fourteen[1] brothers conspire to desert, including the ringleader Chett, Dirk, Softfoot, Ollo Lophand, Sweet Donnel Hill, Lark the Sisterman, Rolley of Sisterton, Clubfoot Karl, Maslyn, Small Paul, and Sawwood. To make sure they will not be caught, they plan to kill some of their Night's Watch brothers:

  • Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, to allow command to go to Ser Ottyn Wythers, whom they expect to withdraw to the Wall instead of going after the deserters.
  • Blane, a stern officer of the Shadow Tower.
  • Grubbs and Aethan, the men who have drawn watch.
  • Dywen and Bannen, to prevent the deserters from being tracked.
  • Samwell Tarly, to prevent a raven with the message of what they had done from reaching the Wall.

Chett intends to murder Samwell himself. After the killings he plans to set free his dogs, which would frighten the horses, running them off. Chett has not fed the dogs for a few days so they will be extra fierce. In the confusion that would follow, the deserters could flee with the remaining horses and the food they had hoarded.[1]

Unfortunately for the conspirators, it begins to snow a few hours before they intend to set their plan into motion. Chett realizes that in fresh snow they would be easily followed and would not make good time, so he cancels the plan. Regardless, he decides to kill Samwell out of spite. However, at the moment Chett finds Sam they hear three horn blows, signalling that Others have been sighted.[1]

When wights attack the Night's Watch, beginning the fight at the Fist, a trusting Samwell asks Chett for help in sending off ravens, but the kennel keeper runs away.[7] Chett is killed during the battle, as Sam later encounters him as a wight at an unnamed wildling village. A flock of ravens attacks the undead Chett and other wights, allowing Samwell to be rescued by Coldhands.[8]


He could see Bessa's face floating before him. It wasn't the knife I wanted to put in you, he wanted to tell her. I picked you flowers, wild roses and tansy and goldencups, it took me all morning.[1]

—thoughts of Chett