A Storm of Swords-Prologue

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A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Chett
Place Fist of the First Men
Page 1 UK HC (Other versions)
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Chett, by acidbetta©

Chett's hatred of Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly for usurping his comfortable position as steward to Maester Aemon has boiled over. He and Lark the Sisterman are conspiring to desert the Night's Watch, along with Small Paul and about a dozen other sworn brothers. The traitors plan to kill Lord Commander Mormont and several other officers to prevent anyone from actively seeking them out after they desert.

Thoren Smallwood and his party are the only of the three rangings to return so far, and they have seen the size of Mance Rayder’s army. Thoren wishes to give battle to Mance’s army, mainly because there are so few warriors in it, it's composed of mostly women and children. Chett and his men plan to kill in the dead of night, and flee to places of safety, leaving Thoren Smallwood and Ottyn Wythers as senior rangers. Thoren won’t search for them because he wants to lead the attack, and Wythers would rather flee to the Wall and could not care less about deserters. That evening, the Watch gathers before Mormont and his senior men, who announce that they will march in force against the wildling army, which is about ten days away. Mormont acknowledges that they might all die and has his men reaffirm their oaths to the Night's Watch. Meanwhile, Chett worries that some of his deserters may lose their resolve.

Late in the night, Chett awakens to find it snowing. The desertion plans are ruined because the turn cloaks can be easily tracked in the fresh snow. Chett still seeks to get some satisfaction from the night and creeps over to the sleeping Samwell Tarly, with the intention of murdering him. He is interrupted as a ranger in the distance sounds his horn. Sam awakens, and he and Chett hear the horn blow three times. Both men are shocked at the realization of what three horn blows mean, a signal that has not been used in hundreds and thousands of years. Three horn blows mean Others. Chett looks down and realizes he has wet himself.

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