A Storm of Swords-Chapter 1

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Jaime I
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Jaime Lannister
Place Aboard a boat on the Red Fork of the Trident on the way to King's Landing
Page 15 UK HC (Other versions)
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Jaime II


Cleos, Brienne of Tarth, and Jaime Lannister by Felicia Cano © Fantasy Flight Games

Ser Jaime is being escorted to King's Landing by Brienne and his cousin, Ser Cleos Frey, by boat. He was released in secrecy from Riverrun by Catelyn after swearing never again to take up arms against the Starks or Tullys, and to honor his brother Tyrion's pledge to release Sansa and Arya. The oath was sworn at sword point and while drunk, and Jaime considers killing Brienne and getting away. He is still chained hand and foot.

Jaime ponders Cersei's feelings with him after the Bran incident and wonders if she sent the assassin to Bran's room, but dismisses that notion thinking that she would have sent Jaime himself to do the dirty work. Their boat is moving down the Red Fork of the Trident, and Jaime has Cleos shave his head so he will be less recognizable should they get caught. He and Brienne treat each other with contempt. She stops their boat to cut down and bury several tavern wenches hanging in the trees. Jaime mocks Brienne because a note reveals the women were killed by northmen, most likely Bolton men, for servicing Lannister men.

Their trip is interrupted when Brienne spots a river galley bearing down on them. The galley is under the command of Ser Robin Ryger, sent by Ser Edmure Tully to return the Kingslayer to Riverrun. Brienne jumps out of the skiff and climbs a cliff face. Jaime distracts the men on the galley by challenging Robin to single combat while Brienne dislodges a large boulder which crashes down on the galley, sinking it. When Brienne swims back to the skiff, Jaime considers smashing her in the face with his oar, but instead pulls her into the boat. Jaime derides Brienne and asks her if she wants his thanks, but she rebuffs the "Kingslayer" and says she is only motivated by the oath she swore to Catelyn to return him to King's Landing. Jaime marvels at Brienne's sense of duty.

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