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Hoster Tully gives his daughter Lysa tansy tea.
Art by Juliana Pinho

Tansy is a flowering herb[1] that has various medical properties.


Smallfolk in the Seven Kingdoms sometimes name girls after the flower.[1]

A strong dose of tansy can cause a pregnant woman to lose her child, so it is one of the key ingredients in moon tea,[2] also called tansy tea.[3]


Grand Maester Orwyle, disguised as "Old Wyl", mixed potions of tansy and pennyroyal for the prostitutes from Mother's, a brothel in King's Landing, to abort unwanted children.[4]

Among the flowers picked by Chett for Bessa were tansy.[5]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

As Lord Hoster Tully lies dying, he repeats the word "Tansy" and asks for forgiveness. Catelyn Stark initially thinks her father is referring to a woman with that name, but eventually realizes[1] that Hoster is recalling the moon tea he forced his other daughter Lysa to drink to abort her child with Petyr Baelish.[2]

Brown Bernarr brings bags of tansy and other herbs during the great ranging.[6]

Behind the Scenes

Tansy is a real life natural abortifacient.[7]


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