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Harpy in the Plaza of Pride in Astapor by Juan Carlos Barquet © Fantasy Flight Games
The harpy of Astapor in Game of Thrones
Ghis emblem

Harpies are legendary female monsters.[1]


The harpy is said to have a woman's torso, the wings of a bat instead of arms, the legs of an eagle, and a scorpion's curled and venomous tail.[2] The harpy was the symbol of the Old Empire of Ghis and is as synonymous with the Ghiscari as the dragon is with the Valyrian Freehold. Harpy's gold is a plant found at Slaver's Bay.[3]

The harpy symbol still endures in Slaver's Bay, and many plazas and gates in the Slaver Cities are dominated by huge harpy statues of bronze or clay.[2] Harpies also decorate the poles of Ghiscari silken pavilions.[4] A thunderbolt rested in the claws of the harpy of Old Ghis.[2] The harpy of Astapor has a heavy chain dangling from her talons, with an open manacle at either end.[2] The harpy of Yunkai has talons grasping a whip and an iron collar.[5] A harpy decorates the top of the Great Pyramid in Meereen,[3] and the throne within is carved in the shape of a harpy.[6]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

After the siege of Meereen, Daenerys Targaryen has the harpy torn down from atop the Great Pyramid.[6]

A Dance with Dragons

The so-called Sons of the Harpy oppose Daenerys's rule in Meereen and use the symbol of the harpy as their calling card.[7] Skahaz mo Kandaq believes the assassins are led by the Harpy, a secret general.[8]

During one of Daenerys's audiences in the Great Pyramid, a sculptor proposes to replace the head of the great bronze harpy in the Plaza of Purification with one cast in Daenerys's image. The queen denies him with as much courtesy as she can muster.[7] Drogon takes to basking in the sun at the apex of the Great Pyramid where the harpy of Meereen once stood. When attempting to capture the dragon, Daenerys's men fail three times to take him at the apex.[9]

One of the six sisters, the trebuchets of Yunkai used at the second siege of Meereen, is called the Harpy's Daughter.[4]


Old Ghis ruled an empire when the Valyrians were still fucking sheep, and we are the sons of the harpy.[2]

The harpy is a craven thing. She has a woman's heart and a chicken's legs. Small wonder her sons hide behind their walls.[3]

Qyburn: The slave revolt in Astapor has spread to Meereen, it would seem. Sailors off a dozen ships speak of dragons ...
Cersei: Harpies. It is harpies in Meereen.[10]