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The priests of the Blind God among the mazes of Lorath, as depicted by Jordi Gonzales Escamilla in The World of Ice & Fire

The mazemakers were a race of people who lived in antiquity. The mazemakers constructed vast mazes consisting of blocks of carved stone which have been found among the islands of Lorath as well as one in mainland Essos south of Lorath. Most of Lorassyon consists of an underground maze. The purpose of the mazes is unknown as the mazemakers left no written records. Large bones which have been found indicate they were massively built and larger than men, which has led some to suggest the mazemakers were born of the unions of human men and female giants.[1]

Archmaester Quillion suggests that the labyrinthine foundation of the Hightower is connected with the Lorathi mazemakers.[2]

The legends of the Lorathi state the mazemakers were destroyed by creatures of the sea, such as merlings, selkies, or walrus-men.[1] It is unknown if the mazemakers were connected with the Pattern or their vanquishers were connected with the Deep Ones.