A Clash of Kings-Chapter 43

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Jon V
A Clash of Kings chapter
POV Jon Snow
Place Fist of the First Men
Page 457 UK HC (Other versions)
Chapter chronology (All)
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Jon VI


Jon hears the call of a warhorn, one blast to signify brothers returning. Qhorin Halfhand has arrived, with 100 men from the Shadow Tower. Qhorin recognizes Jon, and tells him that he knew Lord Eddard and Jon’s grandfather Lord Rickard as well. The men from the Shadow Tower were delayed because they met Alfyn Crowkiller and his men who had been scouting along the Wall. They killed the wildling leader and took some captives, but lost four men in the process. Later, Jon overhears dissent in the ranks as Chett and Lark the Sisterman speak of not going into the Frostfangs, no matter what the Old Bear orders. Jon has given the warhorn he found to Sam, because it is cracked and he could get no sound from it, but Sam likes ancient items.

In Mormont's tent, Jon overhears Qhorin telling Mormont about a captive claiming that Mance Rayder had wargs and mammoths in his army. He also explains that the captive claims the wildlings plan to breach the Wall, not climb it or burrow beneath it. Qhorin tells them that Mance is seeking something in the high, cold places of the Frostfangs, some power or artifact. Qhorin advises the Old Bear to send scouts into the mountains, and Mormont agrees. Jarmen Buckwell will take four men to climb the Giant's Stair, Thoren Smallwood will lead a party to probe the Milkwater, while Qhorin himself will lead a third party into the Skirling Pass. Qhorin immediately chooses Jon Snow as one of his four men, stating, "The old gods are still strong beyond the Wall. The gods of the First Men…and the Starks."

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