Theon III Greyjoy

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House Greyjoy.svg King
Theon III Greyjoy
House Greyjoy.svg
Full name Theon Greyjoy, Third of His Name Since the Grey King
Title High King of the Iron Islands
Personal Information
Died At Oldtown
Culture Ironborn
Dynasty House Greyjoy
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Theon III Greyjoy was a High King of the Iron Islands from House Greyjoy.


Theon III was chosen at a kingsmoot. His reign was among those which saw the decline of ironborn power over the western coast of Westeros, including Houses Gardener and Hightower ceasing to pay tribute. Theon sailed against them, only to be slain by Lord Lymond Hightower, who revived the practice of thralldom long enough to set the ironmen captured in battle to hard labor strengthening Oldtown's walls.[1]


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