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House Hightower.svg King
Lymond Hightower
the Sea Lion
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Lymond Hightower as depicted in Game of Thrones: Histories & Lore.
Allegiance House Hightower[1]
Personal Information
Alias The Sea Lion[1]
Culture First Men[1]
Issue Daughter
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Lymond Hightower, known as the Sea Lion, was the last of the independent Hightower kings to rule over Oldtown.


Lymond fought against King Theon III Greyjoy after ceasing paying tribute to the High King of the Iron Islands, defeating Greyjoy's ironborn and slaying the High King. He revived the First Men practice of thralldom, still practiced by the ironborn, long enough to set the ironmen captured during the battle to hard labor strengthening the walls of Oldtown.[2]

Through long negotiations and marriage arrangements,[3] Garland II Gardener brought Oldtown into the Kingdom of the Reach by marrying his daughter to Lymond, while putting aside his own wives to wed Lymond's daughter.[1] Taking on the title of Lord of the Hightower, the Hightowers were reduced from wealthy, relatively minor kings to the greatest lords in the Reach, vassals of House Gardener. The Hightowers were the last of the ancient realms of the Reach to swear fealty to Highgarden and join the Kingdom of the Reach.[3]

By terms of the marriage treaty, the Gardeners swore to defend Oldtown, allowing Lymond to turn his attention to his "great purpose", the building of ships and conquest by sea. By the end of his reign, no lord or king in Westeros could match the strength of the Hightowers' fleet. To this day, a great statue of Lymond stands overlooking Oldtown's harbor, gazing off down Whispering Sound.[3]


Garland II


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Last known title holder:
Otho II Hightower
King of the High Tower Dissolved
New title 1st
Beacon of the South
Defender of the Citadel
Voice of Oldtown
Lord of the Hightower
Lord of the Port
Next known title holder:
Jeremy Hightower