Daughter of the captain of the Myraham

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Daughter of the captain of the Myraham
Captains Daughter.png
The Captain's Daughter

Lover Theon Greyjoy
Book A Clash of Kings (appears)

Played by Amy Dawson

The daughter of the captain of the Myraham is Theon Greyjoy's bedmate during his journey back to the Iron Islands. Her father is the captain of the Myraham out of Oldtown. Her name is never mentioned.[1]


She has fine dark hair and heavy breasts. She is a shade plump for Theon Greyjoy's taste. Her skin is as splotchy as oatmeal. Theon thinks she looks stupid when she smiles.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

During his journey from Seagard to Lordsport, Theon Greyjoy sails on the Myraham. After she willingly comes to him, Theon sleeps with the captain's daughter for the remainder of the voyage. The captain disapproves of this, but doesn't dare to speak out against Theon. The girl was a maiden the first time Theon bedded her, which surprised him due to her age. The girl falls in love with Theon, and offers to become his salt wife, an offer Theon refuses. He tells her that her place is on the Myraham, and his on Pyke. When she tells him that her father will call her names and hurt her for having been with Theon, he tells her that he bedded her so often, that there's a chance she's pregnant, and that her father should be pleased; not every man has the honor of raising a king's bastard. Theon then leaves her.[1]

As Theon is disembarking, the captain's daughter brings his pack of clothing, and to Theon's mortification tries to embrace him, but he turns deftly aside. When she tells him that she loves him, Theon replies that he must go, and hurries after his uncle.[1]

The Myraham is forbidden to set sail again by Lord Balon Greyjoy, and remains in Lordsport. The captain's daughter is forbidden to leave the ship, and wanders the deck of the ship forlornly during the time the ship remains. When Theon Greyjoy walks past, she calls out to him, but he ignores her.[2]


Some readers speculated that the old man and the young mother whom Samwell Tarly sees at the Weeping Dock at Oldtown are the captain of the Myraham and his daughter, who has given birth to a bastard child of Theon Greyjoy.[3]


Her father had forbidden her to come ashore, but whenever Theon came to Lordsport he spied her wandering forlornly about the deck.[2]

—thoughts of Theon Greyjoy

Daughter: Milord, a moment. As it please milord...
Esgred: Did she? Please milord?[2]

—the daughter and Esgred, to Theon Greyjoy