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Benfred, by ghoul-expert

Culture Northmen
Born 279289 AC[1]
Died 299 AC
Stony Shore
Father Helman Tallhart

Benfred Tallhart is the eldest son and heir of Ser Helman Tallhart, the head of House Tallhart.


Benfred is tall, noisy and abrupt. He is described as a big, bluff, loud boy, with a thick neck.[2][3]


Benfred frequently visited Winterfell with his father, Ser Helman Tallhart, and was friendly with Robb Stark and Theon Greyjoy during these visits.[2] When visiting Torrhen's Square with Lord Eddard Stark, Theon Greyjoy used to mock Benfred for his thick neck, to see how angry he could make Benfred.[3]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Excited by Robb Stark's success during the War of the Five Kings, Benfred surrounds himself with a company of lances. When his uncle, Leobald Tallhart, calls them "young rabbits", Benfred and his company start calling themselves the Wild Hares, tying rabbitskins to the ends of their lances.[2] When Ser Leobald informs Ser Rodrik Cassel about Benfred's Wild Hares, the elderly knight orders Leobald, the castellan of Torrhen's Square, to command Benfred to remain at the Tallhart seat.[2]

As the castellan of Torrhen's Square, Benfred's uncle Leobald sends Benfred and his Wild Hares to deal with the ironborn who have been raiding and plundering at the Stony Shore.[4] As Benfred and his company do not expect that the enemy will have many men, they do not send scouts ahead. Theon Greyjoy and his ironmen easily surprise and defeat the Wild Hares.

All but Benfred are killed in battle. Although Theon hoped to question Benfred, as the leader of the Wild Hares, the wounded Benfred refuses to answer any questions, and instead calls Theon a traitor and spits on him. For this Aeron Greyjoy has him drowned.[3]