A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 37

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The Prince of Winterfell
A Dance with Dragons chapter
POV Theon Greyjoy
Place Winterfell
Page 484 UK HC (Other versions)
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Reek III
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The Turncloak


Theon Greyjoy presents "Arya Stark" in marriage to Ramsay Bolton, by Thrumugnyr © 2013

The Arya impostor, Jeyne Poole, is preparing for her marriage to Ramsay Bolton, out of fear more than anything. Theon reminds her that she should think of herself as Arya Stark at all times in order to avoid the dangers of enraging Ramsay. Her plight moves Theon considerably.

Theon has been chosen to ceremoniously present "Arya" in marriage to Ramsay, since he was the longtime ward of Eddard Stark and it is widely believed that Arya's trueborn brothers are dead. Jon Snow is a bastard half-brother and while Theon believes Bran and Rickon Stark to be alive, he does not dare to reveal that.

Lord Wyman Manderly with his three pies, by Jake Murray © Fantasy Flight Games

Meanwhile, Winterfell is suffering from both a hard white frost and the looming menace of the coming of Stannis Baratheon's troops. Even so, Ramsay marries "Arya" in the castle's godswood. A bard by the name of Abel arrives uninvited, with six women followers, to perform for the wedding.[1] Theon believes that he hears his name ("Theon") whispered in the godswood, after months of thinking of himself only as Reek. That and the memories of a different life in a far livelier Winterfell shake him deeply.

After the wedding, there is a banquet in the Great Hall with many northern guests, including Lord Wyman Manderly, who is particularly pleased with the meal. Lady Barbrey Dustin engages in a surprisingly frank conversation with Theon about her mistrust of the Boltons and of the maesters of the Citadel.

Ramsay calls for Theon and cruelly humiliates both him and the fake Arya (Jeyne) in his quarters in the Great Keep.

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