A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 36

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Daenerys VI
A Dance with Dragons chapter
POV Daenerys Targaryen
Place Meereen
Page 473 UK HC (Other versions)
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Daenerys V
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Daenerys VII


Daenerys visits the thousands of Astapori camped outside Meereen. She finds them sick and dying of the bloody flux, and walks among them with her Bloodriders. She does not fear catching the bloody flux because she thinks that the blood of the dragon does not get sick. She sends Aggo back to Meereen to fetch Grey Worm and 50 Unsullied to help wash and feed the living and burn the dead. Grey Worm asks for permission to allow some Unsullied to bathe in the sea to be purified by their goddess.

Daenerys returns to her pyramid in Meereen, where Irri and Jhiqui are arguing about Rakharo. She takes a much needed bath and dons a tokar to dine with Hizdahr zo Loraq. Reznak mo Reznak and Galazza Galare inform her that her body must be inspected by the man's house before the wedding. Daenerys first refuses to follow this tradition but is then convinced to do so. She is asked to open the fighting pits as a wedding gift but refuses to do that.

While waiting for dinner, Hizdahr informs her that Yunkai will make peace for a fee and the freedom to resume slaving, but then Ser Barristan notifies her that the Yunkai'i are on the march and Daario Naharis has returned. Daenerys excuses herself from dinner and meets with Daario.

Daario informs her that several of Yunkai's sellswords defected to him,[1] but Brown Ben Plumm and the Second Sons in turn went over to Yunkai. Daenerys commands the gates closed (with the Astapori outside), and gives in to her desires and beds Daario.

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References and Notes

  1. These are the Westerosi that the Tattered Prince sent for Daenerys, as seen back in Chapter 25 (The Windblown)