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Irri, by Amuelia ©

Culture Dothraki
Born 283 AC or 284 AC[1]
Dothraki Sea[2]
Lover Queen Daenerys Targaryen

Played by Amrita Acharia
TV series Game of Thrones: Season 1 | 2

Irri is a Dothraki handmaid to Daenerys Targaryen.

In the television adaptation Game of Thrones, Irri is portrayed by Amrita Acharia.[3]


Irri has skin the color of copper, with black hair and "almond-shaped eyes".[4] She and Jhiqui are of an age with Daenerys Targaryen.[5] She is slimmer than Jhiqui.[6][7]


Irri was born to a khal of a khalasar. It was destroyed by Khal Drogo, and she was enslaved.[5]

Recent Events

Irri and Jhiqui, by Rae Lavergne ©

A Game of Thrones

Irri, Doreah, and Jhiqui are given to Daenerys Targaryen by Viserys Targaryen as wedding gifts to serve as her handmaids. She is given to Daenerys to teach her how to ride horses in the Dothraki style.[4] She stays with Daenerys, even after the death of Khal Drogo and the disintegration of his khalasar.[8]

A Clash of Kings

After struggling through the red waste, Irri and Jhiqui attempt to convince Daenerys not to stay in Vaes Tolorro, believing it haunted by ghosts.[9]

A Storm of Swords

Irri and Jhiqui are seasick during the voyage to Astapor.[10] Irri becomes a paramour to the lonely Daenerys. Daenerys feels guilt for this.[11] Irri is present when Daenerys purchases the Unsullied. Irri and Jhiqui free Rhaegal and Viserion to attack the Astapori slavers when Dany has the Unsullied attack their former masters.[12]

A Dance with Dragons

Irri and Jhiqui both develop a crush on Rakharo who has grown more tall and muscular. They argue over which of them he would prefer.[7]

Irri accompanies Daenerys to Daznak's Pit as part of the royal procession.[13] She and Jhiqui both depart Meereen as part of the search parties dispatched across the Skahazadhan to locate Daenerys after she disappears on Drogon's back.[14]


Amrita Acharia as Irri, in Game of Thrones

Daenerys: Have you ever seen a dragon?

Irri: Dragons are gone, Khaleesi.
Jhiqui: Dead. Long and long ago.
Daenerys: Everywhere? Even in the east?
Irri: No dragon. Brave men kill them, for dragon terrible evil beasts. It is known.

Jhiqui: It is known.[5]

Daenerys, Irri, and Jhiqui

Daenerys: What happened that night, when you woke... you're no bed slave, I freed you, remember? You...
Irri: I am handmaid to the Mother of Dragons. It is great honor to please my khaleesi.[11]

Daenerys and Irri

Irri: Khaleesi, you must not touch the dead man. It is bad luck to touch the dead.

Jhiqui: Unless you killed them yourself. That is known.

Irri: It is known.[6]

—Irri and Jhiqui

A khaleesi must have a khal … This is known.[15]

Jhiqui: You are too skinny for him. You are almost a boy. Rakharo does not bed with boys. This is known.
Irri: It is known that you are almost a cow. Rakharo does not bed with cows.[7]

Jhiqui and Irri, arguing over Rakharo

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