House Poole

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House Poole
House Poole.svg
Coat of arms A blue plate on white, with a grey tressure
(Argent, a hurt within a tressure cendrée)
Head Unknown
Region North

House Poole is a noble house from the north. It is sworn to House Stark. They blazon their arms as a blue plate on white, with a grey tressure.[1]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Sansa Stark's best friend is Jeyne Poole, the daughter of the steward of Winterfell, Vayon Poole.[2] Father and daughter travel south with Lord Eddard Stark to King's Landing as part of the retinue of the new Hand of the King.[3]

Jeyne mentions her crush on Lord Beric Dondarrion during the Hand's tourney.[4]

Vayon is killed in fighting following Ned Stark's arrest, while Jeyne is given into Petyr Baelish's care.[5]

A Dance with Dragons

Trained by Petyr to become a whore, Jeyne is given by the Lannisters to the Boltons so that she can marry Ramsay Bolton in the guise of Arya Stark.[6][1] It is the presence of "Arya" in Winterfell that rouses the northern mountain clans and some other northern lords to fight with Stannis Baratheon to free "The Ned's girl."[7]

Ramsay's pet, Theon Greyjoy, reluctantly teams with Mance Rayder, who has been sent by Jon Snow to rescue "Arya."[8][9] Theon manages to free Jeyne from Winterfell.[10]

The Winds of Winter

When meeting with Stannis, the king sends Jeyne in the guise of "Arya" to the Wall to reunite her with her "brother" Jon. She is to travel with an escort of six men, the banker Tycho Nestoris and Ser Justin Massey.[11]

House Poole at the end of the third century

The known Pooles during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are: