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House Poole.svgVayon PooleHouse Poole.svg
Title Steward of Winterfell[1]
Culture Northmen
Born 275 AC or before[2]
Died 298 AC[4]
Red Keep, King's Landing[4]
Issue Jeyne Poole[5]

Played by Matthew Scurfield
TV series Game of Thrones: Season 1

Vayon Poole is the steward of Winterfell under Lord Eddard Stark.[5] He has one daughter, Jeyne.[5][6]

Appearance and Character

Vayon is attentive[7][8] and does not carry a sword.[9]


In Winterfell, Lord Eddard Stark reserves one place at his table so that each day he invites a different servant to join him and his family during the meal. When Vayon sits with them, the talk is usually about money, stores, and servants.[10]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

After King Robert I Baratheon comes north to name Lord Eddard Stark the new Hand of the King, Vayon accompanies his liege lord south toward King's Landing to set up his household. The position of steward at Winterfell is initially not filled again, because Lady Catelyn Stark's thoughts are with the crippled Bran. After Maester Luwin urges action in this regard and concerning other matters, Robb Stark assumes responsibility for this.[11]

Vayon informs Lord Eddard that his daughter Arya has been found by Jory Cassel after a four-day search following her direwolf Nymeria hurting Prince Joffrey Baratheon. When Vayon tells him that Arya has been brought directly to the king, Lord Eddard curses Queen Cersei Lannister and orders Vayon to find Sansa and bring her to the audience chamber of Darry as well.[1]

The party arrives in King's Landing and Lord Eddard is immediately called to a meeting of the small council. He tells Vayon to bring Arya and Sansa to their new chambers in the Tower of the Hand.[7] He sends Arya to the Small Hall one day, where she meets her fencing instructor Syrio Forel for the first time.[10]

When Arya arrives at the gate of the Red Keep after she found herself lost outside of it and the guards do not believe her she is the Hand's daughter, she asks them to call Vayon or Jory to identify her.[12]

Eddard tells Vayon to make all preparations for leaving for Winterfell after he has resigned as Hand. When Vayon informs him that it will take two weeks, Lord Stark tells him that they do not have that much time. Eddard decides that he and his daughters should go ahead and that Vayon and the others should follow them when all arrangements have been made. He warns Vayon not to talk about this with anyone other than Jory. He later orders Vayon to go to the docks and find him a ship passage.[8]

Vayon is tending to Lord Eddard when he wakes up following his injury in a confrontation with Ser Jaime Lannister and his red cloaks. He tells Lord Stark that he has been out for six days and that King Robert has left orders to call on him the moment Ned wakes up. He later guides Robert and Cersei to Ned's sickbed.[13]

While King Robert is on the kingswood hunting trip on which he will be fatally wounded, Lord Eddard makes arrangements to send his daughters home on a ship before he confronts Robert about the illegitimacy of his children. On behalf of Eddard, Vayon books a passage for Sansa and Arya on the Wind Witch, a ship that has arrived from Braavos.[14] However, Vayon is killed during the purge of the Stark household following Eddard's arrest.[9]

Sansa is locked in with Vayon's daughter, Jeyne Poole, and the two have no direct information about what has been going on. Jeyne does nothing but cry for her father and Sansa tries to assure her that her father is well, assuming that nobody would want to harm an unarmed steward. When Sansa is summoned to the small council and inquires about Vayon, she receives no direct answer, but Queen Cersei commands that Jeyne be separated from Sansa and that Lord Petyr Baelish should find new accommodations for the steward's daughter.[9]

A Clash of Kings

During the harvest feast at Winterfell, Bran Stark muses about how many new faces can be seen at the feast this year, filling the positions of those of the Stark household who went south with Lord Eddard and died eventually. Bran recounts how even unarmed people like Vayon and Septa Mordane have been killed.[4]

Quotes by Vayon

Vayon: You sent for me, my lord Hand?
Eddard: Hand no longer.[8]

—Vayon and Eddard Stark

Quotes about Vayon

She knew there had been fighting, but surely no one would harm a steward. Vayon Poole did not even wear a sword.[9]

—thoughts of Sansa Stark