House Redbeard

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House Redbeard
Lord Gerrick Kingsblood
Region the Wall
Title King of the Wildlings
Overlord House Baratheon of Dragonstone (ADWD)
Founder Gerrick Kingsblood
Founded 300 AC

House Redbeard is a new noble house created at the Wall in 300 AC.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Jon Snow, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, allows free folk to pass through the Wall if they swear to help the Night's Watch defend against the Others. One of the free folk leaders who agrees is Gerrick Kingsblood, a raider who boasts descent from Raymun Redbeard, a King-Beyond-the-Wall who led an invasion of the North in the time of Jon's grandfather's grandfather.[1] However, Tormund claims Gerrick actually descends from Raymun's younger brother, known among the free folk as the Red Raven, for having fled the Battle of Long Lake in which Raymun and all his sons were killed.[2]

Ser Axell Florent, the Hand of Queen Selyse Florent, introduces Gerrick as "Gerrick of House Redbeard, King of the Wildlings". Selyse arranges the betrothals of Gerrick's three daughters to Axell and her knights Ser Brus Buckler and Ser Malegorn of Redpool, with the marriages to be in the name of the Lord of Light.[3] Gerrick's son joins the youths yielded to the Night's Watch as hostages.[2]

House Redbeard at the end of the third century


They will make fine wives, and give their husbands strong sons of royal blood. Like their father, they are descended from Raymun Redbeard, who was King-Beyond-the-Wall.[2]

- Gerrick Kingsblood to Jon Snow regarding his daughters

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