Theon Stark

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House Stark.svg King
Theon Stark
the Hungry Wolf
House Stark.svg
Title King in the North
Personal Information
Alias The Hungry Wolf
Buried At Winterfell
Culture Northmen
Dynasty House Stark

Theon Stark, known as the Hungry Wolf, was a King in the North and head of House Stark.[1] Theon Greyjoy refers to Theon Stark as his namesake.[2]

Appearance and Character

The crypt of Winterfell contains a stone-crowned statue of Theon which depicts him as thin, with long hair and a skinny beard. He earned his nickname, the Hungry Wolf, from the constant state of war the north was in during his reign and his own gaunt appearance.[3][1]


King Theon defended the north during the coming of the Andals. Aided by House Bolton, Theon defeated the Andal warlord Argos Sevenstar in the Battle of the Weeping Water. The King of Winter then sailed across the narrow sea to the coast of Andalos with Argos's body displayed on the prow of his ship like a figurehead. Theon burned a score of Andal villages, killing hundreds and capturing three tower houses and a fortified sept. The king displayed the spiked heads of his victims along his coastline to deter future invaders.[4]

Theon later conquered the Three Sisters in the Bite and landed an army on the Fingers, possibly beginning the War Across the Water. He also defeated rebels from the Rills and aided the Night's Watch in imposing a generational defeat on wildlings beyond the Wall.[4]

Harrag Hoare, King of the Iron Islands, led a fleet of ironborn longships against the western coast of the north, conquering the Stony Shore and burning the wolfswood. Harrag's son, Ravos the Raper, used Bear Island as a base. Theon eventually slew Ravos, however, and expelled the ironmen from his shores, including Bear Island and Cape Kraken.[4]


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Last known title holder:
Rickard Stark
King in the North Unknown
Next known title holder:
Edrick Stark