Cape Wrath

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The stormlands and the location of the Cape Wrath
The stormlands and the location of the Cape Wrath
Cape Wrath
The stormlands and the location of Cape Wrath
A ship caught in a storm at Cape Wrath. © FFG

Cape Wrath is a large peninsula of the stormlands that juts out into the narrow sea, bordered to the north by Shipbreaker Bay, to the east by Estermont in the narrow sea, and to the south by the Sea of Dorne.[1][2] Although it is rainy, the peninsula is fertile enough.[3]

Cape Wrath is dominated by the rainwood, which includes Mistwood in the south of the forest and Rain House at its eastern edge. South of the forest is a broad plain. The prosperous Weeping Town sits along the southern shore of Cape Wrath, as do numerous villages.[4][5] The western edge of the peninsula is mountainous and includes Stonehelm in the Red Watch, Crow's Nest, and Griffin's Roost.[6]


The woods of Cape Wrath were inhabited in antiquity by the children of the forest,[7] but the cape came to be controlled by the First Men.

A woods witch called the Green Queen rebelled against the Storm King Durwald I Durrandon, controlling the rainwood for a generation.[8] During the Andal invasion of Westeros, the Andals would have conquered all of Cape Wrath from the First Men if not for their own disunity.[9]

With King Argilac Durrandon preoccupied with the Targaryens, pirates from the Stepstones raided the cape during the War of Conquest.[10] In 8 AC during the First Dornish War, Dornishmen burned half of the rainwood.[11]

Following the siege of Storm's End, Stannis Baratheon granted Davos Seaworth a small keep and choice lands on Cape Wrath,[12] including woods in which he can hunt red deer.[13]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Stannis Baratheon sends Dale Seaworth to sail Wraith along Cape Wrath, the Broken Arm, the coast of Dorne, and the Arbor, informing the populace of Stannis's claim to the Iron Throne.[13]

A Dance with Dragons

While a quarter of the Golden Company's available strength is taking Griffin's Roost, Ser Tristan Rivers sets off simultaneously for the seat of House Morrigen at Crow's Nest, and Laswell Peake for Rain House, the stronghold of House Wylde. Harry Strickland argues that if Rivers and Peake are successful the Golden Company will control a better part of Cape Wrath.[14] The castles fall quickly.[15][16]