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A woods witch is a type of medicine woman in Westeros, including within the Seven Kingdoms as well as beyond the Wall.


Woods-witches are likely to be local or travelling women who use traditional healing, and perhaps simple spells and charms, to heal the sick or help the needy. They are familiar with herb-craft and can serve as midwives.[1] Woods-witches can brew moon tea to prevent pregnancy.[2][3] Some have been known to have prophetic dreams.[4][5]


Ancient History

A beautiful woods witch married both legendary founders of House Tarly, the twin brothers Harlon the Hunter and Herndon of the Horn.[6]

The Green Queen was a woods witch who challenged the rule of King Durwald I Durrandon.[7]

King Mern III Gardener gave gold and honors to a woods witch who claimed she could raise armies of the dead to fight off Andals if they invaded the Reach.[8]

The wife of Ser Clarence Crabb was a woods witch. Stories about the Whispers claim that she could bring back to life with a kiss the heads of those killed by Clarence.[9]

In Hardhome: An Account of Three Years Spent Beyond-the-Wall among Savages, Raiders, and Woods-witches, Maester Wyllis wrote about time he spent among the healers of Hardhome.[10]

Targaryen Era

According to Septon Eustace, Alys Rivers was a woods witch.[11]

At the command of their father, King Jaehaerys II, Rhaella Targaryen and her brother Aerys were married. Jaehaerys was influenced by a certain woods witch brought to court by Jenny of Oldstones, who prophesied that the prince that was promised would be born from their line.[4]

Varamyr Sixskins knew a woods witch beyond the Wall when he was a child.[12]

Lenn's mother was a woods witch.[13]

A woods witch in the Iron Islands taught Asha Greyjoy how to brew moon tea to prevent pregnancy after she lost her maidenhead to a Lyseni.[3]

Recent Events

A Storm of Storms

Travelling with the brotherhood without banners, Arya Stark meets a woods witch known as the ghost of High Heart.[14]

A Dance with Dragons

After the defeat of Mance Rayder at the battle beneath the Wall, Mother Mole claims to have had a vision of a fleet of ships coming to carry the free folk away to safety across the narrow sea. Thousands of those who fled the battle are desperate enough to believe her. Mother Mole leads them all to Hardhome to pray and await salvation from across the sea.[5] Women and children among the refugees end up captured by Lysene slavers, however.[15]

In Meereen, Daenerys Targaryen is astonished to learn from Ser Barristan Selmy that her grandsire, King Jaehaerys II Targaryen, commanded that her father and her mother be wed after the king heard a prophecy from a woods witch.[16]


A woods witch? Most are harmless creatures. They know a little herb-craft and some midwifery, but elsewise ...[1]

The maesters may believe what they wish. Ask a woods witch if you would know the truth.[17]

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