Clarence Crabb

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None.svg Ser
Clarence Crabb
Title Ser
Allegiance House Crabb
Culture Crownlands
Book A Feast for Crows (mentioned)

Clarence Crabb is a legendary hero from House Crabb of Crackclaw Point.


According to legend, Ser Clarence was eight feet tall and strong enough to uproot trees and throw them half a mile. He was so heavy that only an aurochs could carry him.[1]


Ser Clarence's seat was called the Whispers, so named due to the disembodied heads that he would collect and bring home to his wife, who would raise them from the dead. The dead heads would give him counsel, and talk among themselves in a whisper. Ser Clarence collected the heads from a variety of people, including pirates, lords, wizards, knights, and even one king from Duskendale.[1] Clarence is also said to have fought the squisher king.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Dick Crabb and Brienne of Tarth discuss the legendary heroes of their homelands, Clarence and Ser Galladon of Morne.[2]

Brienne is taken into the captivity of the brotherhood without banners after fighting Rorge and Biter at the crossroads inn. The fevered woman dreams of fighting Clarence at the Whispers; the huge man's teeth are filed into points (like Biter), and he rides a shaggy aurochs. Brienne is without Oathkeeper in the dream, and Clarence strikes off her head.[3]


Dick: Ser Clarence Crabb would have wiped his hairy arse with your Perfect Knight, m'lady. If they'd ever have met, there'd be one more bloody head sitting on the shelf at the Whispers, you ask me. 'I should have used the magic sword,' it'd be saying to all the other heads. 'I should have used the bloody sword.'
Brienne: Perhaps, but Ser Galladon was no fool. Against a foe eight feet tall mounted on an aurochs, he might well have unsheathed the Just Maid. He used her once to slay a dragon, they say.[2]

I'm a Crabb. I got the same blood as old Ser Clarence. It's the sword that makes the lord, some say.[2]