Galladon of Morne

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"Galladon" redirects here. For the member of House Tarth, see Galladon Tarth.
Galladon of Morne
Alias The Perfect Knight[1]
Title Ser
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (mentioned)

Ser Galladon of Morne, called the Perfect Knight, was a legendary knight from Morne on the isle of Tarth.[2] Many nobles and smallfolk from the island claim to be descended from him.[3]


Ser Galladon is remembered as a perfect knight whose valor was so great the Maiden fell in love with him. She gave him an enchanted sword, the Just Maid, to demonstrate her love for him. No sword could check the sword's blows, and no shield could stop them.[1] According to the legend, Galladon only unsheathed the sword three times, not once against a mortal man, for the fight would have been unfair.[1] Galladon is said to have slain a dragon with the Just Maid.[1]

Galladon might have been a warrior from the Age of Heroes whom singers later immortalized as a knight, as knighthood was introduced to Westeros by Andals who arrived later.[3] In Kin of the Stag, Maester Hubert suggests that Galladon was a historical figure from more recent times, noting that Morne was a royal seat of petty kings on the eastern coast of Tarth until the Storm Kings made them submit. Hubert believes Morne's ruins were made by Andals and not the First Men.[3]


The Perfect Knight? The Perfect Fool, he sounds like. What's the point o' having some magic sword if you don't bloody well use it?[1]


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