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Dick Crabb TheMico.jpg
Dick by TheMico

  • Nimble Dick[1]
  • Smuggler Dick[2]
Allegiance House Crabb
Culture Crownlands
Born Crackclaw Point[3]
Died 300 AC
the Whispers
Book A Feast for Crows (appears)

Dick Crabb, better known as Nimble Dick,[1] is a former soldier originally from Crackclaw Point.[1]

Appearance and Character

Dick is scrawny and ill-fed.[2] He has a sharp face with dirty brown hair.[1] The man can be duplicitous.[1][2]

Nimble Dick wears a faded, torn doublet where some lord's badge had been ripped off.[1] His armor is a dinted halfhelm spotted with rust.[2] In place of a sword he carries an old nicked dagger.[2]

Dick is a frequent patron of the Stinking Goose in Maidenpool.[1] He sings songs with a scratchy voice.[2]


Dick was born and bred at Crackclaw Point and knows the terrain well, as well as much of its folklore and history. According to him he carries the blood of Ser Clarence Crabb. He has a sister who was bedded by a knight's son and then went off to King's Landing to take a job as a whore.[1]

Nimble Dick deserted the service of an unnamed lord.[2][3][N 1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Brienne of Tarth speaks with a pious dwarf in Duskendale during her search for Sansa Stark, who is believed to be accompanied by the fool Dontos Hollard. The dwarf tells Brienne that a drunken Dick had bought ale for everyone at the Stinking Goose in Maidenpool while boasting of having fooled a fool.[4]

Brienne travels to Maidenpool and waits for Dick in the Stinking Goose, offering to buy his wine after he arrives. In return for two silver stags, Dick admits that he had seen a fool with "two girls" and that the fool had been seeking passage across the narrow sea. After Brienne gives him a golden dragon, Dick admits that he sent the fool and his two companions to a smuggler's cove in Crackclaw Point, but he did not tell them that ships have not landed there in thirty years. Dick offers to take Brienne to the Whispers, and she promises him six gold dragons if they find her "sister" or two if they only find the fool.[1]

Brienne and Podrick Payne leave Maidenpool with Dick as their guide. During their travels, Brienne is suspicious of him and he once attempts to search her saddlebags for coin but is thwarted by flour Brienne has placed in them. He sings parts of songs and regales Pod and Brienne with legends and tales of Crackclaw Point, including that of Ser Clarence Crabb and of squishers. When Brienne remarks outside the Dyre Den that Dick speaks of Lord Eustace Brune as if he knows him, Dick answers that he might have once.[2]

Dick leads Brienne to the ruined castle called the Whispers. Before entering the castle Brienne gives Dick her longsword and she unsheathes her Valyrian steel sword, Oathkeeper. The fool that Dick had sold the map to turns out to be Shagwell, once of the Brave Companions, with two sellsword companions, Timeon and Pyg. Dick points out that Shagwell was the fool he sold the map to. Angry at having been previously misled by Dick, however, Shagwell kills an unsuspecting Dick by breaking his knee with a morningstar and then smashing his face. A fight ensues and Brienne kills Pyg and Timeon. After Shagwell yields, Brienne makes him dig a grave for Dick beneath a weirwood. Once the grave is finished, as she anticipated, Shagwell attempts to kill Brienne with a jagged chunk of rock, but fails and she slays him with a dagger, avenging Dick. Brienne then tosses two gold dragons into Dick's grave, telling Podrick it was the reward promised for finding the fool. Ser Hyle Hunt helps Brienne bury Dick.[2]

While in the company of the brotherhood without banners, Brienne has fevered nightmares and visions which include Dick.[5]

Quotes by Dick

Dick: I know a lot o' words. Tell me which m'lady wants t' hear, and Nimble Dick will say it.

Brienne: I heard you fooled a fool.

Dick: Mighten be I did. Or not.[1]

—Dick and Brienne of Tarth

Dick: Old Dick's a harmless fellow. Chivalrous as a knight, and honest as the day is long.
Brienne: The days are growing shorter.[2]

—Dick and Brienne of Tarth

The world's full o' liars, ready to cheat an honest man.[2]

—Dick to Brienne of Tarth

It's the sword that makes the lord, some say.[2]

—Dick to Brienne of Tarth

Quotes about Dick

Nimble Dick will have a grave. He was a Crabb. This is his place.[2]

I'm sorry that I never trusted you. I don't know how to do that anymore.[2]

Brienne of Tarth to Dick's body

Proprietor: You're the big one went off with Nimble Dick. I remember. He cheat you?

Brienne: No.
Proprietor: Rape you?
Brienne: No.
Proprietor: Steal your horse?
Brienne: No. He was slain by outlaws.

Proprietor: Outlaws? I always figured Dick would hang, or get sent off to that Wall.[6]

—the proprietor of the Stinking Goose and Brienne of Tarth


  1. The lord Dick served was most likely Eustace Brune, Lord of the Dyre Den. When questioned by Brienne, Dick reveals he knows Lord Eustace and the current situation inside his castle but is vague on how he knows of it and presses her to continue their journey stating not to stay long near the castle.