Griffin's Roost

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Griffin's Roost
The Stormlands and the location of Griffin's Roost
The Stormlands and the location of Griffin's Roost
Griffin's Roost
Location The Stormlands
Government House Connington , Feudal Lord.
Religion Faith of the Seven
Griffin's Roost. © FFG

Griffin's Roost is the seat of House Connington in the Stormlands. It is a castle located between Storm's End and Crow's Nest in northwestern Cape Wrath.[1][2][3] It is ruled by Red Ronnet Connington, the Knight of Griffin's Roost.


During Robert's Rebellion, Lord Jon Connington was raised to the position of Hand of the King to Aerys II Targaryen. After his failure at the Battle of the Bells, Jon was stripped of his titles and sent into exile. Griffin's Roost and the lordship that went with it passed to Jon's cousin and castellan, Ser Ronald Connington. When Robert Baratheon unseated Aerys II and claimed the throne, Ronald was demoted from lordship to be merely the Knight of Griffin's Roost. Nine-tenths of his lands were then distributed to neighboring lords who had supported Robert in his rebellion.[3]


Small but strong, Griffin's Roost is located on a lofty crag jutting out from the shores of Cape Wrath. The castle lies surrounded by red stone cliffs on three sides, which descend into the stormy waters of Shipbreaker Bay. The land-facing approach is a long natural ridge called the griffin's throat. The entrance to the griffin's throat is guarded on one end by a gatehouse, and by the castle's main gate and two round towers on the other end.[3]

Besides faded tapestries, Griffin's Roost is also decorated with arched windows displaying myriad diamond-shaped panes of red and white glass. The bed in the lord's chambers sits below a canopy of red and white velvet. The great hall contains the carved and gilded Griffin Seat where fifty generations of Conningtons have ruled. The east tower, the tallest of the castle's, offers a view of the surrounding countryside. The castle also contains stables, armory, barracks, and a maester's tower with a rookery. A secret stair beneath the sept's altar of the Mother leads to a bolt-hole, while another stair under the northwest tower goes to a hidden cove beneath the crag which appears when the tide is out. A well-provisioned garrison can hold the castle against 20 times as many men.[3]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The current Knight of Griffin's Roost is Red Ronnet, the son of Ronald Connington. While Ronnet is in the Riverlands under the command of Jaime Lannister, Jon Connington leads the taking of Griffin's Roost by the Golden Company. Only four members of Ronnet's garrison survive the attack. Jon confines Ronnet's bastard son, Ronald Storm, and his siblings, Raymund and Alynne, to the west tower.[3]

Jon holds a war council in the castle's solar with Harry Strickland, Black Balaq, Franklyn Flowers, Haldon Halfmaester, Malo Jayn, Brendel Byrne, Dick Cole, and Lymond Pease. They decide to advance on Storm's End.[3]

Chapters that take place at Griffin's Roost


Your father’s lands are beautiful.

Rhaegar Targaryen surveying the view from the tallest tower of Griffin's Roost, to a young Jon Connington