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Location Stormlands, Westeros
Government House Cafferen, feudal lord
Ruler Unknown
Religion Faith of the Seven

Fawnton is the seat of House Cafferen in the stormlands.[1] The precise location of Fawnton is unknown.[N 1]


In 12 AC during the First Dornish War, the Wyl of Wyl infiltrated the wedding of Ser Jon Cafferen and Alys Oakheart. After gelding Jon and killing Alys's father, Lord Oakheart, and most of the wedding guests, the Wyls raped the bride and her handmaids and sold the women to slavers from Myr.[2] The Wyl of Wyl is still remembered in Fawnton and Old Oak.[3]


  1. Given the attack on Fawnton during the First Dornish War, it likely stands in the south of the stormlands along the Dornish border.


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