Alys Oakheart

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House Oakheart.svgAlys OakheartHouse Cafferen.svg
Culture Reach
Father Lord Oakheart
Spouse Ser Jon Cafferen

Alys Oakheart was a member of House Oakheart during the reign of King Aegon I Targaryen[1]


The daughter of Lord Oakheart, Alys married Ser Jon Cafferen, heir to Fawnton in 12 AC. During the wedding, Lord Wyl of Wyl turned up uninvited and was admitted through the postern gate by a treacherous servant. Lord Oakheart and most of the guests were slain, and Alys was forced to watch as her husband was gelded. Afterwards, she and her handmaids were gang-raped by Wyl's men and then sold off to a Myrish slaver. This was the most infamous act of the First Dornish War.[1]


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