Bryen Farring

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House Farring.PNGBryen FarringHouse Farring.PNG
Allegiance House Farring
Culture Crownlands
Died 300 AC
the crofters' village[1]
Father Gilbert Farring

Bryen Farring is a member of House Farring, and a squire of Stannis Baratheon.[2][3] He is the son of Ser Gilbert Farring.[4]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Bryen is present during Melisandre's burning of the Dragonstone sept's statues of the Seven. He equips King Stannis Baratheon with a leather cape to keep off the flames while he draws the sword Lightbringer from the Mother's breast. After the ceremony, Bryen and his fellow squire Devan Seaworth collect Lightbringer.[3]

A Storm of Swords

When Stannis Baratheon goes north to the Wall, Bryen, as his squire, accompanies him and is part of his retinue at Castle Black.[5]

A Dance with Dragons

While Stannis's other squire Devan Seaworth stays at Castle Black with Melisandre, Bryen travels with King Stannis on his march south to face the Boltons. At the crofter's village in the wolfswood near Winterfell, Bryen dies when he succumbs to the cold and hunger. His body is burned on a funeral pyre.[1]

Four days later, a soldier from House Peasebury, accused of cannibalism and sentenced to be burned alive, levies insults at Ser Godry Farring. The serjeant claims he laughed when Godry's cousin Bryen died, that the boy smelled good on the pyre, and that he should have eaten him too. Godry ignores the insults, but another aimed at Clayton Suggs succeeds in inciting him to cut the serjeant's throat.[1]