Steffon Seaworth

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House Seaworth.svgSteffon SeaworthHouse Seaworth.svg
Alias Steff[1]
Allegiance House Seaworth
Born 293 AC[2]
Father Davos Seaworth
Mother Marya Seaworth

Steffon Seaworth is the seventh son of Ser Davos Seaworth and his wife Marya.[3] He is presumably named after Steffon Baratheon. He lives at the family keep on Cape Wrath with his mother and his older brother Stannis.[4]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Davos Seaworth thinks over the rise in his family fortunes since he came to serve Stannis Baratheon, and thinks that his youngest sons will be knighted one day.[5]

A Storm of Swords

Davos, a survivor of the Battle of the Blackwater, remembers his four sons who died during the battle, but finds hope remembering his living sons.[6]

Salladhor Saan is angered that Davos refuses his suggestion to go home to his wife and children in favor of revenge on Melisandre, and says when Davos dies he will bring his bones back to Cape Wrath for his sons to wear in bags around their necks.[7]

On Dragonstone, Davos finds himself thinking about Marya and their two young sons almost every day, and part of him wishes he could take Devan and go home.[8] He thinks if he survives telling Stannis Baratheon he has helped Edric Storm escape, he will return to Cape Wrath, raise his living sons to be good men, and speak no more of kings.[9]

A Dance with Dragons

In White Harbor, Davos thinks how he could have abandoned Stannis's cause to return to his wife Marya and their young sons, that it has been too long since he has seen them. Davos thinks that when the war is over and Stannis sits the Iron Throne and has no more need of him, he will take his sons Devan, Steff, and Stanny, and travel east to see the wonders of the world.[1]

While imprisoned in the Wolf's Den, believing he is to be executed, Davos writes letters to his wife and three surviving sons. His notes to Steffon and Stannis are short and awkward, as he does not know them as well as he had his older sons. He writes Marya that if Stannis Baratheon loses the war, she should take the boys to Braavos. If Stannis should gain the Iron Throne, Devan will help her find fosterage for the boys with noble lords, so that they can become pages and squires and eventually become knights.[10]