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Title Maester
Grand Maester
Allegiance Citadel
Died In 130 AC, at Dragonstone
Book(s) Fire & Blood (mentioned)
The Rogue Prince (mentioned)
A Storm of Swords (mentioned)

Gerardys was a maester who served Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen on Dragonstone. He later became the Grand Maester of Queen Rhaenyra, and sat on her black council.


Gerardys served Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen on Dragonstone. He also flew with Prince Daemon Targaryen to help his wife Lady Laena Velaryon after a difficult childbirth, but they arrived too late.[1] When Rhaenyra took King's Landing, she stripped Grand Maester Orwyle of his office and commanded a raven be sent to the Citadel informing them that her own trusted maester, Gerardys would be her Grand Maester. After the revelation that the Two Betrayers had gone over to the enemy, only Gerardys and the Hand of the Queen, Lord Corlys Velaryon, spoke in defense of the remaining dragonseeds, Nettles and Addam Velaryon, who the queen feared would betray her too. Their words failed to move Rhaenyra, who ordered the arrest of Ser Addam. Lord Corlys discreetly alerted Addam, who fled the city on Seasmoke. Lord Corlys was imprisoned for his actions, and Rhaenyra also started to question Gerardys's loyalty, though he denied any knowledge of the Hand's actions. Having lost the complete trust of Queen Rhaenyra, Gerardys was ordered to return to Dragonstone, being spared the dungeons due to his past leal service.[2]

Gerardys remained on Dragonstone only to be taken captive during the fall of Dragonstone by King Aegon II Targaryen and his supporters. He later offered milk of the poppy to Aegon II who was in agony, but Aegon refused, fearing it was poisoned, stating that Gerardys was his sister's creature. Gerardys was hanged slowly with the very chain of office bestowed on him by Rhaenyra. He kicked in the air, and when near death he was let down to catch his breath before being hauled up again. After the third time, he was disemboweled and dangled before the wounded Sunfyre so the dragon could feast on his legs and innards, though King Aegon commanded a part of Gerardys remain to welcome his sister.[3]

When Rhaenyra fled King's Landing, the fall of Dragonstone was unknown to her. Upon her arrival at Duskendale she sent a raven to Dragonstone informing the garrison of her planned return, but when no reply was forthcoming, Rhaenyra grew more suspicious of Gerardys. On Rhaenyra's arrival to the island, she and her entourage were escorted up to the castle, where Gerardys's head and upper torso were impaled just above the gate, his entrails dangling from his torn belly.[3]

Error in The Rogue Prince

The novella The Rogue Prince identifies Gerardys as the Grand Maester who replaced Mellos in the council and amputated Viserys I's fingers. This was an error,[4] and The World of Ice & Fire states the maester was Orwyle.


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