A Storm of Swords-Chapter 12

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Tyrion II
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Tyrion
Place King's Landing
Page 132 UK HC (Other versions)
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Tyrion III


Tyrion is waiting in Varys' room when the eunuch walks in. The Spider reveals that Tywin Lannister means to restore Pycelle as Grand Maester, since the archmaesters of the Citadel claim that “only the conclave can unmake a Grand Maester”. When the conclave meant to send Maester Gormon, Lord Tywin acted at once, not wishing another Tyrell on the Small Council.

Tyrion is surprised to learn that Varys has whisperers even in the Citadel, where the conclave always meets in secrecy. He finds out that Boros Blount has been restored to the Kingsguard, and that Mandon Moore had been brought to King's Landing by Jon Arryn. Tyrion asks Varys to bring Shae to the eunuch's chambers so that no one will notice their meeting. He realizes that he cannot trust Varys any further, but hopes to use him this one last time. When he meets Shae, he means to send her away to protect her from his father, but Tyrion once again cannot bear to part with her. He also knows he must deal with the singer Symon Silver Tongue if he means to keep Shae in King's Landing.

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