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Star of the Faith.svgHigh SeptonStar of the Faith.svg
Alias The one after the Fat One[1]
Died 300 AC
King's Landing

The High Septon of the Faith of the Seven is chosen to his office by Tyrion Lannister after the death of his fat predecessor. His real name is unknown as High Septons abandon their names once elected to office.

Appearance and Character

The High Septon is a small man with a wizened face.[2] His wispy beard is white[2][3] or grey.[4] The old man is bent[4] and frail.[3] The septon has spotted hands and wrinkled lips.[4]

The man is considered shrewd by some[2] but corrupt[5] and a puppet by others.[6]

The High Septon wears a crown of cut crystal and spun gold[4] which reflects rainbows.[7][8] He wears a ring[3] and his sleeves are encrusted with golden scrollwork and small crystals. The man walks with a weirwood staff topped by a crystal orb.[4]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

After the death of the previous High Septon during the riot of King's Landing, Tyrion Lannister selects his replacement. Tyrion, the acting Hand of the King, believes the new High Septon will be loyal to him.[2]

The High Septon anoints Ser Balon Swann and Ser Osmund Kettleblack into the Kingsguard.[2] In order to turn public opinion against Stannis Baratheon, Tyrion tells the High Septon to spread the message, without evidence, that Stannis intends to burn the Great Sept of Baelor.[2]

The High Septon states that the gods will not allow Stannis to be victorious over the rightful king, Joffrey I Baratheon.[9]

During the Battle of the Blackwater, Joffrey goes to the Great Sept to get the blessing of the High Septon.[10] After the battle, the High Septon announces that the betrothal between Joffrey and Sansa Stark is no longer valid, allowing Joffrey to instead become betrothed to Margaery Tyrell.[7]

A Storm of Swords

Since the previous High Septon's crown was destroyed during the riot of King's Landing, Lord Tywin Lannister gives his replacement a new crown twice as tall.[8]

Survivors who fought near the winch towers during the Blackwater are anointed by the High Septon and knighted by the surviving Kingsguard.[11] The High Septon attends a small council meeting after the battle.[3]

Tyrion's appointee performs the marriage between Joffrey and Margaery at the Great Sept of Baelor and attends the wedding feast afterwards in the throne room. The performance of "Maiden, Mother, and Crone" by Hamish the Harper delights the High Septon. The man prays loudly when Joffrey chokes during the feast, and he says a prayer for the dead after the king dies.[8]

The High Septon opens the trial of Tyrion Lannister for Joffrey's murder with a prayer.[12]

A Feast for Crows

Tyrion disappears from King's Landing after murdering his father, Lord Tywin. Queen Regent Cersei Lannister offers a lordship to whomever brings her the head of her brother.[4] The High Septon, in contrast, does not pronounce an anathema on Tyrion.[13]

The High Septon greets Cersei on the steps of the Great Sept of Baelor before the wake for Tywin.[4] Lord Lancel Lannister reveals that his father, Ser Kevan Lannister, had brought the High Septon to pray with Lancel when it was feared the young knight would die from wounds suffered at the Blackwater. Cersei is concerned about what Lancel, her former lover and conspirator against King Robert I Baratheon, might have told the religious leader.[4]

After the High Septon dies in his sleep, bells ring in his honor at the Great Sept of Baelor.[13] Cersei expects the new High Septon will be Torbert or Raynard.[13] Tyrion's appointee is succeeded by the High Sparrow, who is imposed on the Most Devout by a group of sparrows.[1]

At Darry, the fasting Lord Lancel is grief-stricken after hearing of the High Septon's passing. When Ser Jaime Lannister visits Darry, Lancel reveals that he had confessed his sins to the late High Septon, who wanted Lancel to forgive Cersei. Lancel renounces his worldly possessions and swears himself to the Warrior's Sons and the new High Septon, the High Sparrow.[14]

Having been tortured by the Faith to confirm his claims of sleeping with Queen Margaery Tyrell, Ser Osney Kettleblack admits that Cersei had him sneak into the late High Septon's chamber while he slept and suffocated him with a pillow. Cersei had ordered Osney to do so because she was paranoid of what the High Septon might know and the fact that he had been selected by her hated brother, Tyrion. The High Sparrow has Cersei arrested.[15]

A Dance with Dragons

The imprisoned Cersei denies to the High Sparrow her role in the murder of his predecessor.[5]

Quotes by the High Septon

My lords, autumn is upon us, and all men of good heart are weary of war.[3]

—High Septon to the small council

Quotes about the High Septon

Our present High Septon is a trained seal who barks prettily on command.[16]

When it seemed that I might die, my father brought the High Septon to pray for me. He is a good man. He says the Mother spared me for some holy purpose, so I might atone for my sins.[4]

He was an old done man, Your Grace His passing should not have surprised us. No man can ask for more than to die peacefully in his sleep, full of years.[13]

I complained of the High Septon, I admit it. He was Tyrion's creature, weak and corrupt, a stain upon our Holy Faith. Your High Holiness knows that as well as I. It may be that Osney thought that his death would please me. If so, I bear some part of the blame ... but murder? No. Of that I am innocent.[5]


Preceded by High Septon
Father of the Faithful
His High Holiness
Shepherd of the Faithful
Voice of the Seven on Earth

299300 AC
Succeeded by